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11 things (random facts & questions)

 11 Things… just a little questionnaire type thing for you to get to know me a little better! I tagged myself from Heather’s Blog. Just Love.ly Things. Go by and check it out!

 Wanna play along? Here are the rules: 
1. Post these rules
2. Post a picture of yourself and 11 random things about you
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you’ve tagged them

11 Random Things: 
1. I am married to my first, last, and only love of my life. 
2. I rarely wear pink! Just in the past couple years have I worn it only here and there. A vintage pink is okay sometimes, hot pink… rarely will that happen. I do own one hot pink tank top… and a pair of pink flats. That’s about it! 
3.   I had never ran a mile before in my life until 3 years ago. Now.. I still don’t love running, but I run about 2 miles every time I go to the gym, and I try to run 3-4 miles one day on the weekend. 
4. I am technically a certified Wedding Planner. I decided not to pursue it as a full time career because I wanted to spend time with my husband, and eventually a family. Wedding planners work a TON! Nights to meet with clients after they get of work, and weekends because of weddings and events. I would love to do a couple weddings a year though… ya never know! 
5. I was born in California, raised in Colorado, went to college for a year in St. Louis, and now reside in Texas (May will be 5 years that I have lived in Texas, WOW!) 
6. I am the oldest of four kids. 
7. Once, when I was babysitting (I was probably… 14-15?), we were downstairs in the basement with the kids (my cousin was babysitting with me that day), and we’re watching a movie… when I heard something that sounded like the back door upstairs. I look over up the staircase (it had open rails so you could barely see almost the top step from where I was sitting) and the shadow of a person appeared. They stood there for a little bit, listened to what they were doing, and then left. I had never prayed so hard in my life. We never found out who it was, nothing was stolen, and we were all ok. FREAKED OUT, but okay. 
8. I loveee dark chocolate. My favorite is the brand Green and Black Organics, 85% Dark. Yumm! 
9. I am technically 5’5 1/2” (even according to the doctor). My husband makes fun of me for saying that. So, I tell people I am 5’6”. 
10. I HATE sci-fi anything. :( not my cup of tea
11. Lately I have been getting extremely bad nerves to the point of being terribly sick every time I have to go to a running event. Even if I am not participating. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to go anymore. I hate it. 
And… the 11 questions: 
1. Sweet or Sour? 
 Sweet! I really don’t like things sour. Sweet is best, like sweet bread, icing, junior mints, and phish food ice cream! Yumm! 
2. What is your favorite kind of music? 
 I love romantic pop music. Like Michael Buble and Nora Jones. 
3. Where do you see yourself personally in 5 years? 
 In a successful career with a job that I love. Hopefully by then we will have been able to travel to Europe, that would be so wonderful. 
4. Do you know any other languages other than English? 
 No, I wish I did! I can pick up words here and there when someone is speaking Spanish, but I would love to be able to speak it. Brannon and I talk about taking Spanish classes together once I have graduated. We would love that. 
5. What is your biggest pet peeve of all time? 
 Feigned lack of knowledge. When you know that someone knows what you’re talking about, or knows the answer to your question and they are pretending like they don’t. Especially if its a girl and she’s pretending to be a dumb blonde thinking guys will cater to it. I really can’t stand that. 
6. Have you ever been in a fight and thrown something made of glass at someone, like in the movies? 
Haha! No. I haven’t. Thank goodness. My siblings and I have gotten in some pretty good fights though, legos, cars, and I’m sure numerous other dangerously hard toys were thrown.  No glass though. :)
7. Reincarnation- what do you come back as? 
 I’m going to say a bird. Seriously, they get to see so much of the beauty God created! Who wouldn’t want to see that? 
8. If you could back to any age you were and live it again, how old would you be and why? 
   Honestly… I would never go back. I am so happy right now. If I went back I would have changed something that would not have gotten me to where I am now. And that Is one thing I would never want to change.
9. Cats or Dogs? 
 I really would love to have a dog! However, Brannon and I aren’t home enough to have a dog. I would feel sooo bad leaving it home alone all day. So that being said, I really love cats too! They’re so sweet and sassy and fluffy! I am trying to talk Brannon into us getting a kitty one day.
10. Have any guilty pleasures?
 I love watching Gossip Girl. Seriously. I love it. :)  I am a Chlair fan all the way!! (Chuck + Blair) :)
11. Do you prefer the beach of the pool?  
  POOL!! I really don’t like the beach. The sand gets me feeling yuky, and the salt water tastes nasty. Its beautiful to look at though! I’ll go, but not often.
 I tag Bobbie, Erika, Bri, and YOU! 
 If you decide to play, then please leave your link below in my comments, I would love to read it!

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