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Coffee Date | November 2022

If we were having a coffee date together today, I’d start by giving you the biggest hug, because I’m a hugger. Whether we’re good friends or new friends, you’re getting a hug. I recently had a friend visit from out of town who told me she wasn’t a hugger but that it was okay I could still hug her. This made me laugh so hard and appreciate her even more. It’s November 3rd, the first day of the holiday season at Starbucks, which means that’s where we’d go for our coffee date. I’ve got a tall Iced Sugar Cookie Almond

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Home Trend: Layered Door Mats

I’ve seen the layered door mats trend here and there on Instagram and have always thought it was so cute! 2 years after selling our home and finally purchasing a new one, it’s got me thinking about things like this again. Especially now that we’re coming up on fall, which

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Bourbon Caramel Apple Pie

I’m publishing this post right as fall is around the corner, but I believe it’s always time for pie, no matter the season! I brought this bourbon caramel apple pie with us to the lake to celebrate my dad’s birthday – and it was a hit! There are a few

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Bourbon Caramel Sauce Recipe

  Bourbon is my liquor of choice, on the rocks or a Bourbon Old Fashioned, please! So, when I was getting ready to make my delicious caramel apple pie, instead of using regular caramel sauce I decided to make mine a little boozy. And oh, my goodness. Not only is

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Simple No Fail Pie Crust Recipe

Simple No Fail Pie Crust – 3 Ingredients!

  Well, friends, you know by now that I love baking desserts! And pie making is one of my favorite desserts to make. One of the keys to a good pie is a good pie crust. With this simple pie crust recipe, you’ll never be tempted to buy a pre-made

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Hi! I'm Bree

In my day-job, I teach amazing individuals how to make money with their blog and social media! I started blogging back in 2010 as a hobby, and it turned into my dream job—helping women make their own money on their own terms. Blogging became a job that I love—now, I’m back to use this online journal as a fun place to document my life so I can look back 20 years from now and remember all the magical things. 

I use baking as a way
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And I love to play hostess and make my guests fabulous cocktails...