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Hey guys! Sorry for the short post today. I’m doing good, projects are getting done and I’m getting everything organized! Next week is gonna rock for you guys!! :D

I had a long post planned out for tonight but while I was in my last class for the day I began having this horrible shooting pain in my ear. Not good. It’s getting worse I fear. I’ve been using ear drops I picked up at CVS but so far they’re not working. Praying I feel better in the morning because I have an extremelyyyyy important meeting in the morning! Prayers appreciated! :))

Here is some art work I’ve done this week. <33 Have a wonderful night!

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Hi! I'm Bree

In my day-job, I teach amazing individuals how to make money with their blog and social media! I started blogging back in 2010 as a hobby, and it turned into my dream job—helping women make their own money on their own terms. Blogging became a job that I love—now, I’m back to use this online journal as a fun place to document my life so I can look back 20 years from now and remember all the magical things. 

I use baking as a way
to de-stress...

And I love to play hostess and make my guests fabulous cocktails...