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 It’s a new year! And I am just now blogging for the first time. *shameful* I will blog a lot more this year than last though!

 I am becoming a blog addict, and reading other peoples blogs all the time. My favorite one is LilBlueBoo. Her posts are so inspirational and always make me smile. You should go on her page and read her blog post “Choose Joy.” It is at the top, one of her “tabs” all the way on the right. If you read it let me know, I am thinking about buying some of those reminder bands. :)

A good app to have, if you have a phone that will let you download apps, is Bloglovin. You search for your favorite blogs, save them, and then read them whenever you want! It updates you (in the app) whenever there are new posts! Its so great, and I am going to say that next to Pinterest <3 and Instagram, it is one of my favorites!

So this semester I am taking… Adobe Illustrator, Design Communications, Photoshop 1, and Photoshop 2. Really loving it so far! Why did it have to take me until I was 21-22ish to figure out what I really love to do? I am glad I finally figured it out, its like a light bulb went off. Now I just pray I can make this work and not have to go to school for a lot longer. I am very nervous about it.. Praying a ton about it, so I know I shouldn’t worry, when I start to worry I know I need to pray even harder. I am so glad He has it all figured out!

 Here is the first project I have done. Very amateur so don’t laugh too hard. ;) First time to use Adobe Illustrator.

Later this afternoon I will be off on a secret assignment. :) You’ll find out in a month, or less.


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  1. I just realized that this paper that says “way overpriced?” is MY writing! LOL Now I am REALLY curious!

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