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I am in the creating mood… Unfortunately I need to be writing a paper instead of doing this… Christmas break cannot come soon enough!

 I really need to re-upholster our dining room chairs. They are in stripes of a country red, green, and cream right now. The colors kinda go, but I want to change it. And since I am talking about re-upholstering… I loveee this chair! I wish I could find a chair like it to re-do for my office!

 I also need to finish up this flower headband that I have been working on for Lady Pair. Here is a sneak peek… I did some hand stitched embroidery on it. I think its going to look really great! 

Whenever I finally make a trip to Hobby Lobby (next week!), I want to make these…. 

 You may be wondering, “ummmm why don’t you just go to Hobby Lobby?” Well.. there are like 4 Hobby Lobby’s very close to me, but I am trying to be good and save money. Plus they have all their Christmas stuff out, so I know if I go… it might be disastrous. So… I am waiting until after this week is over, then I will have time and a little money to be able to go. 
 This week consists of: 

  •  International Business Politics paper due on Wednesday at midnight
  • Trip to Louisiana on Thursday night after class
  • Friday- Dustin & Chelsea’s wedding! (HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!) 
  • Friday night- drive back home
  • Saturday morning- drive in the opposite direction to San Antonio
  • Sunday morning- watch Brannon run 13.1 miles at the San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon
  • Sunday night- drive home

I will need a consistent supply of coffee and energy drinks if anyone wants to contribute to the fund. :)

 I hope everyone else has a less busy, but equally fun week!


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  1. Love the chair! Praying for you to be safe with all your travels. Have fun at the wedding! Good luck to Bran with the run. Coffee in hand watching sounds like a GREAT idea to me! Wish I could be there with you! Maybe next time. ;-)
    Love you more than Christmas!

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