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A DIY Chevron <3

I loveee me some chevron! Seriously. Its wonderful. Our Hobby Lobby just got some grey and white chevron fabric in, and I am going to buy some to make a curtain for the window in our office. Can’t wait! :))

So, I spotted this on Pinterest a while back, and loveeeed it!

I went and bought the cork board squares like… a long time ago! haha. Oops. And I JUST NOW got around to making it. Like, this morning. I made it before 10am! GO ME!!!!

So things you will need to make it…

  • Cork Board Squares (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 9.99 then used my 40% off coupon)
  • White Acrylic Paint (cheapo acrylic works great! .69 cents at Hobby Lobby- I had some on hand)
  • Some type of tape. I used Duck Tape that I had laying around.
  • Foam Brush. (had extra laying around)
  • Nails (to hang)
  • Hammer (unless you’re Iron Man and can push them into the wall with your bare hands)
  • Level (if you’re like me and have a hard time hanging things straight.

Total Cost: $6  *woohoo!!*

Um… please excuse the super ugly pictures. I will add some new ones once I get some cutesy decorations on it. And use a good camera not my iphone which needs the lens to be cleaned. [embarrassing]

cork board


So, step one is add your duck tape! You could use masking tape and just make two strips of tape overlapping. I did this design vs. the design in the picture above. You can do either! :))

Step two, paint the cork board. I only used one coat of paint, and it came out the right color for me. Don’t worry about filling every single little bump in the cork board, the bumps are what make the cork board look cool!

Step three, remove the tape, let it dry, and then hang it up!


cork board done


Tada!!! Yeah, like I said, super ugly picture. *smh* But I loveeee my cork board. Plus I did this before 10am, so I’m pretty proud of myself for even getting this on the blog the same day I did it! woop woop!

Are you as obsessed with chevron as I am? :)) Gah, I just swoon every time I see it.

This is a picture of my computer background! I got it from my lovely friend Jessica, it was on her twitter page. *eek!* Thanks for making my desktop beautiful Jess! <3 you! – ps, she has some chevron love going on her blog today too! <33

Happy Tuesday!!! I’m headed to Hobby Lobby [YAYY!!!] and then the pool!! Um… can my day get any better? Chevron & Hobby Lobby & Pool with mom and sister… bring it on day! I dare you to get better than that!


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  1. This is awesome! So, I didn’t realize the pink was tape at first and thought that was the final project…and I loved it (wouldn’t it be so fun with pink paint!). I love your white version too :)

  2. I love chevron stripes…I think I bought almost identical cork-boards and never thought to decorate them. I couldn’t get them to stay on the wall with the enclosed adhesive. Any tricks? Thanks for co-hosting the hop!

  3. Hey Bree! I have been following you on twitter for a while now, but should have been following your blog a long time ago!! I LOVE IT!!
    So excited to follow along! Looks like we have lots in common!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week and you are 1 closer to 100 now!! :)

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