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A Photo-shoot

Before we dive into pictures and information on this beautiful photo-shoot I was able to be a part of…

What do you think of my NEW DESIGN!? :))

I finallyyyyyyyyyyy got it up and running. I’ve been wanting to spruce up the blog for a while now but it took me a while to get to it and then when I did to decide how to fix it up.


the thing about joy 1


And now what you see is THE NEW! :)) I’m pretty excited about it.

Do you need something done on your blog? Shoot me an email and lets talk! You can view my “blog design” page at the top to see a few other blogs I’ve done some design work on.

Also- I have a couple spots left for June Sponsor Swapping! So let me know asap if you’re interested.


Alright… now for the photo-shoot I’ve been telling you about!! I was able to meet Meg through a mutual friend a while back. Super sweet girl (and incredibly talented!). A few weeks ago I was contacted because Meg was looking for a “model” to try out a vintage photo-shoot.  Umm… I get to have my pictures taken for free? Sign me up!! *bonus for her that I can contact a lot of people in the Houston area to show off her work!*

You can view her website here: MegSloan.Com

So- if you live in the Houston area I have an awesome deal for you!! If you wish to book Meg to take portraits of you, you and your lover, your family, your pets, whomever! You just need to tell her “BREE SENT ME!” and you will receive a session (for up to 5 people) for only $25!!  Yes.. you heard me right. So, if you live in Houston you knowwww you better call her up, because this is a deal that won’t last forever!

So… you wanna see some of her work? Well take a look at what she did for me!




             bree 3bree5



*eeek!!!* Yea… I really love them!! :)) What do you think?

I hope you guys have an awesome Thursday (I’m headed to hang out with my sister! *girls day*).

And I really hope that if you’re in Houston you’ll give Meg a shout-out! $25 for an awesome session that includes a CD for all images? You can’t beat that. In fact, I’ve already booked her to take photos of Brannon and I! Can’t wait!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. your hair is absolutely adorbs girlie!! long and full of color!! ME LIKE!

    love the belts you added to the outfits too.. totally makes em pop.

    Your blog design is cutie patootie… you’re so talented… YOU GO GIRL!

  2. CUTE new blog design! I really like the colors! Nice job on it. You’re so good at that! Makes me wanna learn it. :) And CUTE pics! You look so pretty. I really like your outfits! And I look forward to seeing the pics of you and your hubby. :)

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