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A Recipe!

Hello Ladies!

Here is a yummy grill recipe for you!Perfect for upcoming Memorial Day! PS- Its super healthy!

Its not complicated, and some of you are probably gonna be like, really Bree, that’s not a recipe.
::shrug:: Its still good!!

Zesty Chicken Skewers

Serving Size: As much as you make! Prep Time: 30ish min. Marinade Time: 1hr Cook Time: 10 min.


What you need:

-Chicken Breasts (your choice of how much)
-Veggies (I chose red onions, sweet bell peppers, and mushrooms)
-Mrs. Dash SALT FREE Zesty Garlic Herb marinade
-Wooden (or metal) skewers
-2 Large Ziplock Bags


1) Take your wooden skewers and place them in a ziplock bag, then fill the bag with water. Zip it up, and let the skewers soak. (For at least 1 hour)

2) Slice your chicken breast up into cubes and place in ziplock bag.

3) Add your marinade. I added about 1/2-3/4 cup to 4 large chicken breasts.

4) Zip up your bag (get all the air out) and mash it all up, I kinda “massaged” the marinade into the chicken. I did this for 1-2 min.


5) Place the bag into the refrigerator, and let marinate as long as you like. I let mine sit in there for about an hour, but you could totally leave it overnight or all day.

6) Chop up your veggies into squares. I left my mushrooms whole, but if they are ginormous then cut them in half.

7) Once your almost ready to grill, get your chicken out of the fridge, and place your chicken and veggies onto the skewers. Alternating chicken and different veggies. I usually put 3-4 pieces of chicken on a skewer, and lots of veggies.

8) Now, you’re ready to grill! Heat to medium (the grill was 350 degrees inside), and place your skewers on the grill. Roll them over every 2 minutes. They will take 8-10 minutes to cook. Check your chicken and make sure there is no pink inside.

9) Place on your plate with salad, sweet potato, and grilled pineapple! *yumm* Or any other side you would like- those are just my preferences. ;) Enjoy!!


btw– That last picture is a picture of them sitting in the refrigerator right before we put them on the grill. They sorta got devoured, after we grilled them, before I remembered to take a picture of them fully cooked. *oops* They are that good!!

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  1. scrummmmmmmmmmy!!! love the fact that you let the skewers soak in the marinade… mmmmmmmmm my mouth is salivating!! You’re right… they look super easy! now I gotta get my man to cut everything up and I’ll do the rest ;)


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