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And then life happens…

If we were getting coffee today this is what I’d talk to you about…

Are you like me?

Early in the week, gung ho! I’m going to get A. B. C. D. done by this date. Its going to be awesome!!

Date comes. Eh, crap. I got A done, and that’s it.

I feel like this happens to me all too often. Life will get in the way, something will come up that will change up my schedule and I won’t be able to get the things done that I thought I would.

So what I’m learning to do…

A lot of things are changing around my neck of the woods, and it has me stressed out to the max. Some days I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown, some days I just want to lay in bed all day, and other days I have all the energy in the world and can conquer the world!

With things changing I have to go back to thinking about one of my New Years Resolutions. (Ugh, yeah, remember those?) Well anyways, I’m sticking to a couple of them, but one of them was to take time to cherish every moment. Enjoy the small things. Life isn’t always about those big major events that happen in our lives, but we need to focus on the every day moments. Because those are the memories that are going to last a lifetime.

So this weekend? I’m starting it out by having dinner and games with my family tonight. I’m making a huge pot of white bean chili, hot chocolate, and pulling out the card and board games. And for the rest of the weekend I’m going to remind myself to slow down and cherish every moment, take as many pictures as possible, and focus on the things that truly matter in the end.

I hope you’re having a great week! This has just been on my heart and I sat down at my computer to get something sent out quickly and then run out the door… but I’m glad I took a moment to get this off my chest. It really helps me when I can write it out, ya know? I guess that’s why we blog, to get all of our crazy ideas out of our head and onto paper (or virtual paper anyways).

So thanks for reading! If you want to see something more FUN and CREATIVE! Then check my last post out. I’m ordering felt balls to make beautiful garland within the next few days! I’d love to make you one. :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I know the feeling of stress! I feel like I’m overwhelming myself lately! If I don’t get A, B, C, & D done I feel like a failure. I even want to get E & F done even though it wasn’t on my list…I need to slow down because all I’m doing is stressing myself out! *whew* I hope you have a relaxing weekend! I’m jealous of your game night!

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