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Anniversary Week: Bri

Last day in our Anniversary week but hubs and I are out celebrating this weekend! If you missed the other posts from this weekend be sure to check them out!

Today Bri is taking over the blog. I met Bri through blogging a while back and even got to meet her in California this past summer! We clicked instantly and still text and chat often. Her and her husband Ryan are absolutely adorable, so without further ado…. here she is!


Hi everyone! My name is Bri Rios and I’m stoked that my blog BFF Bree asked me to guest post. Plus I want to wish her & the hubby a happy anniversary! I’ve been married to my best friend Ryan for 2 and a half years, and while it’s been full of ups and downs…I wouldn’t trade it for anything :)
What was the first thing you noticed about Ryan when you met him?
I have a more detailed story of it here, but the long and short of it is…I thought he was a tool. I heard from my college roommates that he dated around a lot and would tout the amazing summer sales paycheck he had just earned. How in the world is that attractive?!
Although, when we ended up on our first date he realized I wasn’t a snob and I realized he wasn’t a tool haha! I came to see how sweet of a guy he really is, always concerned about me or friends and family. Not only that, but he is extremely confident and loves to make new friends. Pretty much, he is a stud.
What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Looking into my husband’s eyes when committing myself to him for all time and eternity, fun beach pictures after our wedding ceremony, all the family and friends who came in to town for the wedding, the weather which was a perfect 75 degrees in San Diego (where I got married), the cake topper my mom surprised us with, the delicious food, and driving away with my sweetheart at the end of the night.
How was your first year of marriage?
Whew, what a loaded question! Ryan and I were faced with some challenges, namely me having skin cancer and his father passing away from cancer. Throw that on top of the ordinary adjustments that come with being married, and we were a complete mess! Now looking back, I have come to realize the wonders open communication with one another can do for a marriage. Being open allows for a safe haven in a relationship, which can ensure your marriage success ;)
Thanks so much for having me Bree!
Come on over to visit, would love to have you Thing About Joy readers!

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