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Anniversary Week: Jennifer

Continuing my Anniversary week is another one of my bff bloggers – Jennifer!

PS- today is our wedding anniversary!! :)


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What was the first thing you noticed about Corey when you met him?

I met Corey in high school, and we worked together at a shoe store for a while. I actually thought he was kind of annoying and didn’t pay much attention to him! It wasn’t until two years later that I realized he was kind of cool. We hung out and watched The Count of Monte Cristo! After that night I saw him in a different light.

– When did you realize this guy was “the one?”

We had been dating for a year and a half and one of my friends asked me about our relationship. I hadn’t thought of it until then, but I suddenly realized I wanted to marry him. It was like a light bulb just went off in my head. I then may have told him that we should get married…but he didn’t argue, and it all worked out!


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– What was your favorite part of your wedding?

The part where we said our I do’s! Our wedding was VERY eventful and included an intermission and ambulance! I wasn’t sure I was going to even continue the ceremony, but everyone turned out to be ok and we were able to have our wedding and say our I do’s!

– How was your first year of marriage?

It was exciting! Two months into our marriage/first apartment I got a job that moved us 2 hours away. That kept us on our toes for a while, as we had to pack up, move, and adjust to a new city. We got to buy our first big piece of furniture–a dining set! All in all we got to learn a lot about each other (including that we didn’t want to have a baby our first year of marriage like we originally thought!!)

– Any advice to those that are engaged/just married?

Don’t be afraid to share any feelings with your spouse. There are times were I don’t explain my feelings or thoughts to Corey and it only makes him more confused and our relationship more tense. When I fully explain my feelings to him everything feels more at ease! Your spouse is your partner in life, through the good and the bad, embrace it!

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