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Anniversary Week: Lauren

This week is Hubs & I’s …. *drum roll please*

3rd year wedding anniversary. :) Thursday to be exact.

I absolutely loveee reading other peoples love stories, and if you haven’t read ours then be sure and check it out!

This week I asked a few of my friends a few questions and I am sharing their answers with you! First this week is Lauren. :) Enjoy!


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What was the first thing you noticed about Andrew when you met him?

Well, Andrew and I started talking online and on the phone before we met in person (story here). He came up to me and hugged me before I got a good look at him but I remember thinking he was a good hugger. None of that crappy, one armed, to the side business!

– When did you realize this guy was “the one?”

I wish I had a great, romantic story for you, but I don’t! A little over a year into dating, he was living with a roommate and I was living with my parents. The roommate planned to move out and one morning, as we were waking up, he said “Do you want to move in with me?” I said “Eventually” and he said “No, I mean now.” So that was the start of our long-haul future together. I wasn’t expecting him to propose, but when he did, I didn’t have to think about my answer.

– What was your favorite part of your wedding?

I couldn’t have asked for more in a wedding day! I loved sharing our vows we wrote with one another for the first time (you can find them here). At the reception, I loved shouting “So good! So good!” along with all of our guests during “Sweet Caroline” and dancing to “Party in the USA,” even though I promised that I wouldn’t request it.


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– How was your first year of marriage?

Our first year of marriage was full of challenges. We each started new jobs within two months of getting married. We travelled out of state for three weddings in those same two months. Andrew’s appendix burst and he had surgery and a not-so-fun recovery.  And my father-in-law, who is so wonderful, decided to retire and lived with us for six months until he decided on where to settle. I always say I hit the in-law jackpot with him but having anyone extra in your house for six months is tough!

– Any advice to those that are engaged/just married?

Figure out what each of you is good at and do that. Have fun with the little things. Realize that all the compromise is worth it. In her toast, my maid of honor said “may today be the day that you love one another the least.” I try to remember that our love for one another should grow all the time!

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  1. This post is fun. I like to hear background on my friends that I wouldn’t otherwise think to ask them about! Lauren was a good choice to start the week :)

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