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Another year gone…

So, Friday was my birthday! :) And my mom posted this picture:


#throwback #babyface

When we were little kids we got sooo excited for our birthdays. Or at least, I < did. It was like Christmas time all over again. But now, as I get older, it freaks me out a little. Did I accomplish enough this past year? What did I get done, did I waste any time?

So… a year at a glance.

1. Spent more time with family.

Yes. Lots. Going over to my parents house almost every weekend, going to Louisiana to be with Brannon’s friends and family a few times the past year. Family coming to Houston to visit us. Lots of time spent with family.

2. Celebrate our 2 year anniversary.


We went to Austin for our Anniversary and it was soooo much fun. Also note- I am in a t-shirt and was SWEATING because it was hot. Oh, our Anniversary is in November. . . thank you Texas.

But yes, it was FUN! Sightseeing, walking around, eating amazing hamburgers, super fast go-carts, movies, and so much more. It was a blast, and I can’t wait for the next trip with this guy. :)


3. Get a camera.

My mom and dad are amazing. And spoil all of us kids sooo freakin’ much. They bought me a camera for Christmas and it is my baby. I’d carry it everywhere with me but Brannon gets tired of me taking pictures all the time. :P


3. Graduate.

Cue, tears of joy. :)

I am doing a full picture update on my graduation tomorrow! :) Lots of pictures. It will be great. I’m excited.



Jumping back on the blogging bandwagon!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh man…I never thought of it that way…I still get excited for my birthday! Good reminder though, to make every moment count, and take nothing for granted! Happy Birthday again! I’m glad I could help you celebrate!

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