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Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great Thursday!

I find on Thursdays I kinda flounder around on what to write about. So, unless a sponsor introduction or guest post is on that day, I am going to tryyyy and post something art related on Thursdays!

Today, I wanted to show you the art journal I am working on for the “Play That Song” Art Journal class I am taking with Kara

I honestly haven’t gotten a wholeee lot done yet, but I have gotten started on the cover and on the inside cover. For the cover I used an old record I had picked up from a garage sale. Then for the “Play That Song” I used stickers and then painted over them with guesso, then came back through and outlined then with my black 03 micron pen.

For the closure- we were supposed to use a lace doily and I really wanted to! But.. I didn’t have one. :-( I have some large ones but not one small enough to use for this book. Plus the ones I have are really personal, my great grandma either made them, or they are really big pretty ones from my mom. So… I made my own closure! I punched two holes in the front and the back, and then tied an elastic ribbon through them. :)) I had thought of this idea a while back, and I’m glad I got to try it out! I love how it works.










I would show you the front inside cover but I’ve only painted it and put some glitter, so its not done yet. :) But next week I hope to have a tonnn more pictures to show you!

Do you like to art journal? If so- leave your blog below I’d love to check out what you’re working on!

Do you want to learn more about art journaling? Shoot me an email!

Do you want to be art journal buddies? Let me knowwww! For real. I need more art journal friends. :)

Happy Thursday! I’m off to play some more with my journal before I go to class. *yahooo….*


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