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Hi lovelies!

I really can’t believe its THURSDAY! Seriously, it should be Tuesday, what is going on?

I have been pretty productive this morning though! Well, as far as the blog world goes. :) I got two major emails out to my sponsors, and two forms created, and edited a photo for today and fixed some frames up (as you’ll see below). And its not even 10am yet an this blog post will be up! #beastmode 

Last week I promised that I would work more on my art journal page, you saw this last week:



Now, it looks like this:


art jounal me and you


Yeah, its not glamorous and fancy like a lot of other art journals I see, but I had fun creating it, and playing with different tools, so that’s all that matters!

All the words you see are from different lovey dovey songs. These are pages in my “play that song” art journal. And you should just see my dining room table right now. My art stuff literally exploded all over it last night. I kinda want to take a picture and show you… but I fear you’ll disown me for my messy artness. sad day

But, THAT’S NOT ALL! Remember these lovely frames I have hanging in my office?




Well, they finally got pictures added to them!




What do you think? I’m wondering if I should’ve used smaller pictures now…

So what are you up to today? Are you letting your creative imagination flow? I sure hope so! It makes your day so much brighter.


Happy Tuesday  THURSDAY!!!

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  1. I really like the frame idea. But I can never pick which pictures I actually want to frame and that’s why I buy photo boxes and just stuff pics in there. I rotate the pics in my brag book and in my cube wall. The most artistic thing I’ve done this week is put stickers on a plain Moleskine notebook. :)
    I like your art journal though, very cool concept.

  2. Girl I love your art journal spread! Seeing the before and after is so cool/my favorite thing- it’s like you see the bare bones of a piece and then you see it take on a full life of its own! Haha. PS “My art stuff literally exploded all over it last night. I kinda want to take a picture and show you… but I fear you’ll disown me for my messy artness.” NO WAY! Those are the BEST photos! If you saw my floor while I’m art journaling…girl. It’s like an a-bomb explosion. And I LOVE IT. Next time post a photo? (:

  3. Check your fantsy pants out!! Love your artistic journal… and it’s just perfect how there’s no rhyme or reason to it… just lovely girlie!

    I love how you made those diff colored shape and colored frames just pop with your flicks! YOU GO GIRL!

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