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Austin stole my heart…

It was time for a ROAD TRIP! Friends called and said they were headed to Austin, so we jumped in the car as soon as Brannon got off work on Friday and headed there!
We had so much fun, and I am still re-couperating from the lack of sleep we got.
We got there around 7:30 Friday night, changed, and jumped on the bikes and headed downtown for dinner.

After dinner we biked down up a few streets to infamous 6th street. Walked around, and decided that 6th street is turning more and more into NOLA Bourbon Street, and wasn’t our cup of tea. o_0
So, we got back on our bikes and followed our crazy tour guide (Dustin- aka- IRON MAN- yes… he has done 2 iron mans). Please tell me why I decided I would try to keep up with an IRON MAN on a bike? … aie aie aie
Anyways, we headed up to South Congress and grabbed some amazing Ice Cream instead. Because really, ice cream vs. bourbon street? Yeah… we like ice cream better. :)
Guess which Ice Cream I got?

Plus, check out the awesome drawings on the side of Amy’s Ice Cream!
Saturday was a heat winded blur, and resulted in 0 pictures. And here is the reason and the schedule of what we did:

  1. Wake up call! Throw on clothes and jump on the bikes.
  2. Arrive at the famous Torchy’s Tacos Stand, because of course a taco is what you need for breakfast right?
  3. Jump on those bikes. No, you don’t have time to let your food digest, there are paddleboards to get to!
  4. Bike 30+ min, and try not to barf up those yummy tacos.
  5. Arrive at Paddle Board Rentals approx 12pm. Oh, hello heat.
  6. Paddle Board until after 2pm! Woop woop. Tons of fun on the water, but you gotta jump in a couple times cuz the heat got to you…. really bad. Yikes! Wait, why didn’t the we think to bring water with us? Crap. Lesson learned.
  7. Good thing you put on sunscreen, cuz man its hot! You start thinking about the other ppl on the water and hope they put some on!
  8. Jump back on the bikes!! Lets go find some A/C and a visor for me!
  9. Arrive at Lukes Locker, down a gatorade and some water like you’ve never seen it before, and rock that cute Nike Visor that you shoulda bought the day before.
  10. Head to Mexican Restaurant! Yum…. Guac, and bacon with chicken? What!!
  11. Stop in a shop, but realize you desperately need to take a break from the heat.
  12. Jump back on the bikes and head back to the townhouse.
  13. CRASH!!!! …. into bed that is. *whew* You thought I almost died didn’t ya? … I thought I did. :) ha!
  14. Shower! Gross, sweat, and sunscreen. No, I didn’t shower before sleeping, that’s how tired I was.
  15. Get ready for dinner. We are taking the car!! No more biking for this gal. Wiped the frick out!
  16. Yummy BBQ downtown Houston. <3 Then stopped into Urban Outfitters before driving back to the townhouse.
  17. We had all the intentions of getting Gourdoughs doughnuts, but when we passed by the truck the line was a block long! We’ll be back, they’re open ‘til 3am!
  18. Turn on a movie at the townhome and we all fall asleep. Gourdoughs, we’ll get ya next time!

The next morning we get up and pack up everything into the cars, then get in the car and head for breakfast. We stop at Joes for some ICED TURBO! Yummmmy coffee (tea for me – stomach was mad at me from the day before). Then we head on to South Congress Café and wait for our named to be called, this place was packed!

Sleepy faces ready for some yummy breakfast! Mexican eggs with beans for him, and blueberry pancakes for me!

One last picture before headed home. We love you too Austin. We’ll be back soon.

Happy Tuesday!
PS- I got the Zikler Mint Chip Ice Cream! <3

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  1. I seriously love Austin :) If I could live one place forever it’d be there! Next time take me with you!

    Love all yalls pictures, you look fabulous! Hugs!

  2. I swear, living in Austin made me gain like 100 pounds!!! I eventually moved out of there and ended up loosing all the weight, but got left with sagging and loose skin. I was actually searching for skin tightening treatments when I stumbled across your blog! Keep up the good work and keep traveling!

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