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    Home Trend: Layered Door Mats

    I’ve seen the layered door mats trend here and there on Instagram and have always thought it was so cute! 2 years after selling our home and finally purchasing a new one, it’s got me thinking about things like this again. Especially now that we’re coming up on fall, which means setting out pumpkins and mums on my new front porch!

    I love how you can add personality to your home and showcase a little bit of who you are before someone even enters your home. I’m already dreaming of lining the sidewalk that leads to our front door with pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas lights in December. Making my company feel welcome and invited is important to me, and it can start with the front door!

    We have had the door mat “C’ since we moved into our apartment, and it’s darling! I was so excited to bring it to our new home that I grabbed it when we were moving, placed it at our new front door, and then laughed… it was way too small! Seriously, check out my Instagram for a before and after, it was not the right size at all. But, I truly love that rug and so I knew this was the perfect time to grab myself a rug to go underneath and hop on the layered door mat trend.

    Here are some of my favorite options I’ve rounded up as I’ve been searching! Read more

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