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Baby fever…

No. I ain’t got it. That’s for sure, but my word I know so many people that have it!! I know 4 people that have had their baby within the past 2 weeks, and I know 13 that are pregnant right now!!

Brannon and I are on baby overload and hiding out with our friends that aren’t having babies yet. ;) Don’t worry, If you’re having a  baby we still love you and want to hang out…

But its different ya know? Are you finding that all your friends are having babies or did you ever go through that time? I was talking to my mother in law this weekend and she said that happened to them too because they chose to wait quite a while to have their first baby too. So at least I know they understand what we’re going through. :)

But one baby I can’t wait to meet is my cousins baby girl! She will be here at the end of January and I’m super excited because they live so close to us and I’ll be able to cuddle her often. I keep telling my family someone needs to have a little girl so I can spoil her and make her pretty headbands. Yahoo! One is on the way. :)

This weekend my mom and I are putting together a baby shower for her, so I’ve been all over pinterest searching for ideas. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you all next week of how the party turns out! So for all of you that have the baby bug, here are some ideas for a future baby shower…

Ya know what would be a fun side job? Being a party planner/decorator. I know I’ve done weddings but how fun would it be to plan cute birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties, etc… Lots! I’m getting a dose of it recently, helping out with a gender reveal party 2 weekends ago, a baby shower this weekend, and soon a ladies Christmas party. The event/wedding planner in me just loves this and sometimes ya gotta let her out!

It may also be due to this awesome book I just read…

9781401311001_p0_v2_s260x420 (2)

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Seriously an all time favorite. This book will want to make you run your own secret supper club, and if you’re like me, I want to be her partner in crime and be the one running the blog and decorating for all the different themed diners.

Awesome book, cannot recommend it enough. Its funny, will make you hungry, and has romance in it. Best girls book.


Hope you had a great weekend!

Do you like planning parties as much as I do?

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  1. Ugh. The baby fever thing is annoying me these days! About a month ago, five different couples we know either had a baby or announced they were having a baby. After all of that happens, I feel like I can’t even relate to them anymore. All they want to do is talk about baby stuff. It’s especially difficult because I don’t even know if I want to ever have kids. So I feel like as time goes on, I essentially lose more and more of my friends simply because they are having babies and we aren’t. :(

  2. I love babies! I don’t know of many people who are having babies right now, but my boyfriend’s sister just had her adorable bundle of joy last weekend. :]

  3. ALL of my friends are having babies. All of them. It’s kind of driving me crazy, especially because it means I don’t have anyone really to hang out with, without them having to find a babysitter, etc. Sigh. Cute ideas for a baby shower btw!

  4. I’m on serious baby overload! I mean everything is very cute, and all these maternity and baby photoshoots are adorable but I am not there yet so I can only be so excited, ya know?!?! *sigh*

  5. Hey Bree! I’ve haven’t been blogging or checking your blog lately, so I completely missed this. You should post photos from the party. You guys did an amazing job! It was so beautiful :D

    I can’t wait for you to meet Ellie!
    Love ya!

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