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Beach Ready


Whew- I am ready for a vacation! Beach or lake, that would be my pick. I’d head there tonight and stay through Easter. Sounds like a good plan, right?

So a bit of an update into the life of Bree… I got a new blog look (finally), what do you guys think about it? I wanted something simple, clean, and would allow me to focus more on the posts and getting better imagery for my readers. I may tweak it a little more here and there, but I’m pretty happy with it. I learned a lot of new coding to get it to look like this, so that was a bonus! If you need your blog tweaked, I now have some extra skillz to bring to the table.

I have been successfully working from home for the past couple months and its been fabulous! I’ve been really busy, but I love the luxury of working at home, having a really nice office set up, and on days where its super rainy yuk outside I don’t have to drive downtown!

What have I been doing from home? A gazillion things! I am working with a couple different companies to do contract (graphic design) work for them, as well as clients that I have gotten on my own. I do anything from logos and branding, to anything that is printable, to web design! On my to-do list is to get a nice website for myself set up so I can show off some more of what I can do. For now though, I’m just working away.

Other than that, I have been selling felt garlands here and there, the shop is temporarily closed because I was getting overwhelmed with work, and it needs to be updated with new products! Hoping to get that set back up again within the next month *stay tuned*

I have been selling some purses here and there that I have somehow collected recently, all brand new with tags (think Coach and Vera Bradley) – so if you’re interested in seeing those, you can head over to this little blog. This one also needs to be updated with new goodies, attempting to do that TODAY actually. Woohoo!

Enough of work… lets get back to talk of the beach. . . I’m loving these two swimsuits I’ve seen recently. Which style do you like more?




-happy monday-

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