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Oh heyy!! Its been a while since I’ve shown any blogs I’ve designed. So I’m going to try to update that for ya.

I think it is SOOO important to have a good design backing up your blog. If you have great content but a blog that is hard to read, has too much going on, or is just…. meh, you’re not reaching your full potential. Maybe because I’m a designer, but if I go onto a blog that just looks like someone put it together back in the days of Xanga … I don’t stick around! I mean, I try, especially if they have good content, but… I want to read blogs that are visually appealing, because that is what inspires me and makes me trust the content.

So with that being said, I just got the opportunity to update one of my Blog BFF’s pages!! I was so excited to do this for her because this girl is sooo amazingly talented, does great work, and I wanted her to be able to show it off 100x better than she was. Her page before was just fine, but it was very dark, and sometimes the fonts were hard to read.

Here is my branding board for her…


This was the first time someone has asked me to include a lot of imagery in their header. And let me tell you, Jenn and I went around and around and around with this header before coming up with something we both loved! Its really important to have a good relationship with your designer, and have confidence in them. Choose someone that is willing to get to know you and your style so that you come out with a design that is entirely YOU.

If you went to Jenn’s house, those images you see in her header, that is exactly how her home is. I go to her blog page now and I feel like I’ve gone over to Jenn’s and we’re having coffee and talking DIY projects for my house. Which… we need to do really soon because I have some furniture I need her help on!

She wanted a very natural color pallet, something that wasn’t bright, but that was natural, contemporary, and clean. She sent me blog inspirations (I HIGHLY recommend doing this, to give your designer an idea for what you like and don’t like).

Here is what the final product came out to be:

final design

Thanks for taking a peek inside one of my blog designs! If you need advice on your blog I’d love to chat with you and give you FREE advice on things I’d suggest working on with your blog. Just send me an email or leave a comment! breepair at gmail dot com.

Or you could just head on over to my blog design page.


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Around and around and around. Oops!! :) Thanks for putting up with my picky taste and ridiculous thoughts and comments. You’re the best! I’m so happy with my new design. I feel like I’ve got a fresh new start to showcase my ideas and thoughts!

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