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Blog Elevated Conference


This weekend I got to go to my very first Blog Conference! I had a fabulous time reconnecting with my other Houston Blogger gals, and meeting new ones! Along with gathering some awesome swag, and of course learning! I am both overwhelmed with information and extremely pumped with excitement from information!

On Saturday morning while I was driving to the conference, Jenn and I were both saying how we were in a blogging rut, not blogging much at all, and basically uninspired! Our goal for the day- Get back our Blog Mojo! Then driving home that night, we were both so excited and talking about everything we wanted to do with our blogs. Its safe to say, we are both going to be bringing our blogs back to life!


Jenn and Lauren

In regards to the not so fabulous photos. I’m pretty disappointed in my Samsung Galaxy 3. Apparently it doesn’t take very high quality photographs indoors. Major letdown. I didn’t want to haul my camera around but after uploading these images on the computer I am seeing that I should have! *blog lesson #192 learned*

So, at Blog Elevated, I went to 5 different sessions, had lunch with my girls, ate cupcakes, tweeted and instagramed all day long! As you have seen if you follow me. Instagram blow-up on Saturday.

The sessions I went to were (and a couple tips to share..) >

1) How to Rock a Blog Ambassadorship: Katie Laird

  • Think about what you have to offer Brands, not just what they have to offer you.
  • Do your homework, be persistent, and be consistent.

2) The Income Report: How to Grow your Platform! Laura Fuentes @SuperGlueMom

  • Email Groups
  • Offer  your readers more stuff! Useful things. I like to do that. I need to do that more.

3) Google Analytics: Jeff Sauer

  • Basically. I learned that I need to learn and implement Google Analytics. Most homework from this guy. Thanks Jeff…. geeze.

4) Photography! Rachel Matthews @SthrnFairyTale

  • This foodie blogger is fabulous! I want to take amazing pictures like her.
  • *Reality Check* I’m not a food blogger, but I can improve my images, even though they may not ever look like her images. I have got to try harder! No matter the subject.
  • Hence- why I’m embarrassed about my Blog Elevated Images. *yikes*
  • TIP to YOU! Find your light source. Always take pictures with NATURAL light. (yes you- I’m talking to you) Who cares if you look like a crazy person taking pictures of your fabulous cookies in your bathroom because that is where your lighting is the best! Just do it. When you upload those images on your computer you will be so proud of yourself.
  • TIP- Rachel is a Self-Taught Photographer! You can do it too.

5) Closing Keynote: Karen Walrond @Chookooloonks

  • This lady is fabulous, motivating, inspiring, a true leader.
  • Figure out what your blog stands for, and then stand behind it!
  • Make your blog the best it can be. Hone your craft, spellcheck, and make it look good!
  • Learn from other bloggers that you admire and aspire to be. Stalk their blog and learn from them.



This was me after the conference. I went shopping because hubs was busy working on the car. And I realized I needed to take a outfit picture because I followed my own advice on How to Style: Black Skinnies!

Oh and also? My to-do list after the conference…. about a mile long. And by a mile I mean 10 different things that I need to do… actually, now that I am thinking about it, there may be more I need to add.

Have you ever been to a blog conference? Did it help you get your blog mojo back? If not, is there one in your area you’d love to go to?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Such a fun opportunity! We just a a canadian blogging conference this past weekend (BlogPodium) but I missed the deadline to register ha!
    Cute blog :)

  2. LOVE the chambray with the black skinnies!! Once it cools down throw on some boots & a leopard scarf and BAM. FALL. I’m glad you had fun at the conference!

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