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 It’s a blogger interview day! :)) I am introducing you to my feature sponsor, Natalie! She blogs over at Looking Through The Lens and I hope you’ll stop by and shower her with love!

I asked Natalie a few questions I was personally curious about, and so I hope it will be something fun for you to read!



1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

Being able to tell people about things in my life. I like getting the word out there about different experiences I have living in a small tourist town in the middle, no wait sorry, on the edge (the far edge that is) of nowhere. I have been interested in writing a diary since I was little. I mean not just the little diary that girls keep under the pillow and talk about which guy they like and who they would marry, etc. A blog to me is like a diary, in a way. I can go a write little bits of my life or something I saw or read. I can share it with the world and then anytime I want I can come read it and laugh or just sit back and remember.  I like reading about the things other people do in different states and around the world. It’s neat to read people’s blogs from around the world because no matter where you go people are people and everyone goes through the same things, just maybe in a different way. 

2.  How did you get into photography and why do you love it so much? 

Ah, my favorite thing to do! I got into photography as a young girl. I would go to craft sales around town and go find the photography booths and pretty much just sit and stare at them. I would talk to the artists (yes they are artists to me) about what angle they took the shot and things like that.

I love photography because pictures capture the moment. They capture the happiness. They capture the time that Uncle Joe went face first into his birthday cake or the moment of your first summer sunset on the beach or the time you got your first puppy. Something special about that is that I bet every single one of you reading this pictured someone going face first into a cake or the sunset or the puppy. Pictures are great and if you take care of them and put them into an album they last a lifetime so do the memories. :)


                                                                    My favorite two pictures of mine.

3. What is your dream job? 

My dream job… I’m not really sure. I’ve always wanted an office job. Or at least an office, some place I can call mine while I am at work. A place that I can also personalize. Some people my disagree, but I think an office job would be nice. Probably because I work right with the public, face to face and I really don’t like. I would rather someone not know who they are dealing with (in person). I know that sounds weird, but I like it.

4. You have a bucket list on your blog- which on your bucket list are you most excited to do? 

Oh my bucket list :) I can’t really decided what I am most excited to do, but I REALLY want to meet Brad Paisley (and Rascal Flatts) and finish my list of 50 states. :) Its never too late or too early to start a bucket list. It doesn’t need to be long or you don’t need anyone’s advice to put something on there. These are things you want to do and They bucket list doesn’t really have to be what you want to do before you die you can put the deadline at anytime. I’ve seen some before 30 or before 50, before you have kids, before you get married. The possibilities are endless.

Thank for taking the time to read a little something about me and my blog! Please come on by some time! I’m growing every day and I love meeting new people! Bree is a great person and I love her blog! Thank you Bree for giving me the opportunity to do this!


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