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Book Recommendation

 Normally, I don’t go to Barnes and Noble… and read a book.

But sometimes a hilarious title is just sitting on the front table staring at you as you walk through the door saying “read me!”

And read I did. I think I got 1/4th of the way through before we even left the store.

Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich. What got me hooked? I didn’t even have to read the inside cover. I just read the outside cover.

“Another banner day. It isn’t enough that flying terrifies me, lets add the worst hair day on record. Throw in being late to the airport and now me and the extra 30 pounds of junk in my trunk are squeezed in next to THE HOTTEST GUY EVER. Funny, he doesnt look thrilled to see me.

On days like today there’s only ONE thing you can do – smile and put on your…

Big Girl Panties.”

To describe the book I would say:

  • Hilarious because things she goes through, omg, so freakin’ true. 
  • Romantic. 
  • Sexy.
  • Page turner. 

I’d give it a on a scale of 1-10, only because I thought that the last 1/4th could’ve been better. But, it could also be because I was speed reading the whole thing because I couldn’t put it down. So maybe it deserves a 9. I’m not sure. How about you read it and tell me?

Read any good books lately? I also read another one I’ll share with you next time. I am currently waiting for this book to come in the mail…

Have you read it?

Happy Thursday!

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