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California Trip


If you’re going to go on a trip here are some tips from me to you:

  1. Don’t take a plane flight at 5:30am. Just don’t.
  2. Take tons and tons of pictures. But with an actual camera. Not your phone.
  3. Relax
  4. Enjoy the little moments, not just the ones when you were seeing “such and such…”
  5. Make sure you have a good travel buddy.


Thursday: 4:50am. (Central Time)

“Flight from IAH to LAX, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the plane. We are unsure what the problem is, and will not have an update from you until 9am.”


Thursday: 5:05am. (Central Time)

“All Passengers flying from IAH to LAX please return to your gate! Your plane is now boarding and will be taking of at its scheduled time.”

What the whaaaa?! Thanks for the panic attack dude. *smh*

That didn’t set a good tone for the trip. And I was sick the entire plane ride there. Thanks a lot anxiety.

Thursday: 7:10am. (Pacific Time)

We land in California and are completely exhausted. Grab our luggage and catch a bus to our Aunt’s hotel to crash. And crash we did, for like 2 hours. We were so tired! But then we woke up, showered, got our stuff together and headed to the rental car (KIA SOUL –omg- such a freakin’ cute car!). Hollywood here we come!


A good picture, no? Pizza, Starbucks, Wine & Jazz, and the Hollywood sign. I like it.



My Sister and Aunt after lunch @ California Pizza Kitchen.


The famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. (hope I spelled that right…)



Why hello there Clark Gable’s hand and footprints.



Then, of course, we had to drive through Beverly Hills. Gorgeous, I tell ya. LA & Hollywood are gross and dirty imo, but Beverly Hills was taken care of much better. The houses, oh my, so amazing and huge! And I can’t help but wonder if I saw some of the maids from the new hit show “Devious Maid.” Cuz they were all out walking dogs in their uniforms, or taking care of little blonde haired children. Seriously. That’s what we saw. I felt bad for the kids, and wondered how often their parents get to see them and spend time with them? Because its gotta be extremely expensive to own those houses and drive those type of cars that we saw in Beverly Hills. The children are/will be mega spoiled, for sure.



And finally we drove down Rodeo Dr. Where the rich close the stores so they can shop privately.

Because, people are annoying, ya know?



That was day one. Thursday, which started at 4am for Jess and I. We stopped along the coast at sunset on the way to our Hotel. It was absolutely gorgeous! And note in the first photo how Jess and I were in hoodies. The weather in California was amazing the entire time, and I wore long sleeves every night. Houston needs to get on board with their weather, because I miss it.

More pictures to come tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!

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