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    How Living on the Road Full-Time Changed Our Marriage

    Full Time RV Living and How it Changed Our Marriage

    6 Things to Know Before You Go to Yosemite


    I am really excited to write this post. I have been pondering this post for quite a while before sitting down to write it because I wanted it to be meaningful for anyone that reads it. Whether you’re married, or not, in a relationship, or not, how can I explain how our marriage changed without it sounding like a “dear diary” moment?

    To preface me telling you about the different ways our marriage changed, I want you to know a couple of things first. 

    1. We saved up for over a year, sold all of our belongings, and traveled around the country on a budget in 100 sq. ft. travel trailer. I also continued to work from the road so we could go for an entire year. It was the most incredible experience of our lives, and we are so grateful for that opportunity every single day. You can read a little more about the trip here. 
    2. There are things to take away from this even if you never want to do a crazy road trip around the country as we did. I am so glad we were able to have that time and experience together because it opened our eyes up to how our relationship could be even better. We thought we had great communication and a good marriage, and it’s amazing how it deepened. So, if I was telling this to a friend who was never going to go on a trip like this, I’d say look at the list of things that changed for us and then challenge your relationship. What can you do at home, in your current environment, to learn more about each other and grow even closer than you thought possible?

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