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We just recently painted a majority of our house (interior) – including the office & kitchen. So I am busy getting inspiration for re-decorating both of these areas! For my office I am wanting a very Chic, Clean, Classy look. Minimal colors, black and white, with pops of gold, and maybe a little pink. Kate Spade has been my inspiration! Here’s some things I’m eyeing for our décor (or have already bought…) Click on the numbers to find them online for yourself!


Super cute notebooks! Anything with gold foil, I am on it! This notebook is from Kate Spade.


“Get it girl” pillowcase cover!! Seriously, this is perfect for any girls office, bedroom, apartment… This is from Michelle Dwight Designs- I am obsessed with all of her designs! All of her pillowcase covers and prints are so cute! If you haven’t seen her designs yet- head over there asap! You’ll be so happy you did.


Bought it! Super cute sticky note set from Kate Spade! If you’ve ever seen my office you know that I am a sticky note addict! I’ll end up with them all through my notebooks, my desk will be covered, sometimes they’ll end up on my wall…. It’s a problem, I admit it, but I have fixed the problem by getting these cute gold foil sticky notes from Kate Spade! Now my sticky notes will look cute all over the office instead of like a 2 year old went nutso with the neon sticky note pad. (at least… that’s what I tell myself)


Bought it! Kate Spade. Gold Polka Dots. File organization? Done! I’m planning on getting a standing metal file organizer to put on top of my storage unit, and I might spray paint it gold… Because silver and black just aren’t as cute, right?


Now these- I haven’t bought yet but I am in loveee with them. I am always in need of extra storage. My office is the very first room you see when you walk in the house, so I am getting a lot of cute storage options because I want the room to be nice and clean and classy when you walk in the front house. Not strewn about with all my stuff (remember the post-it note debacle).


These are papers from Paper-Source! Aren’t they adorable? I’m planning on getting large black frames, with a thick white matte board on the inside, and then framing these adorable papers! Paper-source has so many cute prints in any color you can imagine! So great for lining envelopes, wrapping gifts, or using for an art project! Head over there to check out all the options, you’ll love it!


I am so excited to see how this office makeover will turn out!! Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest to get even more inspiration for home décor, recipes, health and fitness, and so much more!

-Happy Tuesday-

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  1. Glad you clarified the interior painting! Haha! I loooove your inspiration! So chic and classy! I can’t wait to see how it’s coming along!! What color did you paint your office? Gold walls would be killer! ;)

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