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How Do You Choose A Word For The Year?

A word of the year, a motto, a Bible verse, a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a resolution…

These are all different things that people try to “nail down” for the new year, and stick to! If it’s a resolution it may be multiple things that you want to accomplish that year. A motto? Something you refer to throughout the year when you are having a bad day, or maybe a good day!

For me? Resolutions never worked. I tried! I got out my journal (always new, because is there any better reason to buy a new notebook than to start the new year off right?), and started writing down what I wanted to accomplish that year. It always ended up looking something like…

  1. Lose weight
  2. Make more money
  3. Go to the gym more
  4. Gain more followers on social media



Now, this blog post is probably NOT for you if resolutions are your thing and they work for you. To you I say bravo! Skip down below if you’re wanting to pick a word as well. #overachiever 

Can I be real with you? If you’re wanting to make things happen like I used to list out in my “resolutions” you have to have a PLAN and your brain has to be determined. Lose weight? That’s a mindset shift. Make more money? Why do you need more money? And how are you planning to get that raise? You need a plan. Want to go to the gym more? What are you going to give up in order to do that? Social media followers? You need a business plan.

So instead of tormenting myself at the end of every year when I look back on the resolutions I made 12 months prior that simply didn’t happen because I didn’t take action for more than one month on each of them… I kinda just ignored the whole “goal setting” thing on New Years. Instead, I clinked my champagne glass with my family, kissed my husband, and that was it.

Until last year. 2017. I had a word for the year. That word? Brave. 

Here’s why this past year picking a word of the year worked for me, and it’s not complicated. I had a clear idea about what was planned for my year. I knew that in order to accomplish a lot of what was happening anxiety was gonna have to peace out, and guts (and a bit of crazy) were going to have to step up. I was going to have to embody the word brave throughout the year.

  • Running a conference for over 100 attendees without a business partner
  • Selling my home to live in an RV – on purpose!
  • Not have a home base for the last 1/2 of the year
  • Bring in $$ so we can travel the world USA for a year

That was going to take a whole lot of bravery, and I’m standing on the other side freakin’ proud of myself. Because I survived, and I was damn brave.


So, how do you choose a word for the year?


Grab a notebook and sit down for 10–30 minutes and start writing all the things. What do you want to feel like at the end of the year? What will be happening this year? What do you want the year to look like? Write your little heart out.


After you braindump let yourself have time to mull over what you wrote. If a few words came to mind write them down and think them over for a few days.


If you pick a word and 1 week later it just isn’t sitting right, change it! It’s your life, do what you want. If it’s not going to bring you joy at the end of the day LET. IT. GO.


So… what’s my word for 2018?

And I can’t wait to see how 2018 embodies my word this year! Have you already chosen a word for the year, do you go another route, or nothing at all (which is totally fine, I did it too!)? 


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  1. Yes, yes, and Y E S ! Planning the goal is the real key to getting that resolution. Loving your word and can’t wait to see you grow in you business. Also, you were most definitely Brave last year! And now it has become who you are as a person.

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