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Christmas Wish-list

If you wanted to buy me something for Christmas I would love things like this…



Noticing a color palette trend above? :)

1// I have this sweater in cream. Its from Target and it has sparkles in it! I would totally take one in every color. Size small please. :)

2// I clicked on the link to this pin and it doesn’t go anywhere. :( Which makes me sad because I l-o-v-e this bag!

3// this beautiful journal is actually sketchbook paper inside. No lines!!! I constantly search for cute notebooks that don’t have lines. There is a cute bookstore that sells some in downtown Houston. But I rarely get down there. And this ones from Anthropology and for only $15! Crazy huh?

4// I would prefer a different color. But this would be SO awesome to have!

So incase my husband, mom, or sister stumble upon my blog and still need gift ideas for me, here’s a few more! :))

In other news. I need your help guys!!


question mark


I have a HUGEMONGOUS question I have been asking myself for a long time now.

What do I name my graphic design business?

As you know, I am a graphic designer. :) And I am now trying to form my own business. Ready to go get my DBA and open up an account, time to get this ball rolling! The only thing that’s stopping my is.

What do I name my business?
Here are some ideas that I have. Vote on them! Let me know if you love one of them or if you have another idea. :)

  • Pair Design Studio
  • Pear Design Studios
  • Designed by Bree
  • 85 Designs
  • Pixel and Pear
  • Pixel and Pair

Yup. Those are ones I’m working with right now. So help me out! :)) Let me know your opinion. Cuz I’ve been driving myself, and hubs, and my family, crazzyyy talking about it for so long.


Happy FRIDAY! Gahh, its almost Christmas!

8 Responses

  1. I like Pixel and Pear/Pair. What is the significance of Pear? You have it in a couple of names. But I like the one I picked b/c of the alliteration.

  2. You crack me up – I love that you posted what you wanted for Christmas on your blog and “hope” that your family will see it. Real subtle.
    I have to be a little more direct, “Mom, these are the boots, they are $100 on sale at Nordstrom.”
    *Fingers crossed*

  3. I have the Power Mate from J Crew! It’s very convenient but it doesn’t give anywhere near a full charge so I was kind of bummed about that.

    I love that sweater! I haven’t seen it at Target!

  4. Pic a Pair
    Pairanna’s Designs
    (Pixels may be obsolete someday..:-)
    Simply Piclious (Pairlicious) ???

    No to “pear” but yes to “Pair” Whatever you choose.

    I like play on words/names… oh well, Granny is thinkin’ anyway.. LOL

    Did you get my goodies?

    MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to the bestest Pair ever!!!

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