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Coffee Date


Hi friend! Won’t you join me for a cup of coffee?

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that I’m in love with these mugs that my mom got me for Christmas! Aren’t they adorable? And isn’t this weather in Houston crazy? I find it hilarious too. People are freaking out over a little bit of ice. The real reason not to go out in it is because no one here knows how to drive in it!

If we were having coffee today I would share with you what has been on my heart. I would show you this post that I read yesterday on twitter and how it sums up things for me immediately:

my life

Because lately (past couple years), I keep getting involved in things and believing that the best is going to come out of these situations. Usually its something where someone really does need my help, and I feel like I CAN help and make things better and change. But in the end, after all that time, emotion, and effort you put into something, if someone else is running the whole thing and takes you for granted, you’re going to wind up tired, upset, hurt, and drained.

My problem? My family and super close friends will tell you. I’m too nice! …. That’s hard for me to grasp. I mean, really, how can someone be too nice? I love helping people and doing things for others, that’s what God would want me to do right?

Yes. I believe that with all my heart. I believe that God wants me to help others and do what I can for other people.

The problem comes down to when that takes over my life, or areas of my life, and I let myself get swept away in the hope that the situation is going to be so much better after “x amount of time” and then my situation is going to be so much better. Look at what an awesome opportunity this is, you’re getting in on the ground floor! … Well. If that ground floor never goes up, or no one does anything for you and just takes and takes and takes, then you’re in a bad spot.

I guess what it all boils down to is… are you in a damaging relationship? Whether its with a friend, a job, your blog… whatever it is, are you giving more than you can handle? Maybe its time to take a step back and re-evaluate.

I’m so grateful for my husband, and my friends and family in my life that tell me, hey you may want to re-think this situation. Because I know that’s my downfall. Is getting caught up in the idea of it all, when in the end I’m just draining myself.

That’s a deep conversation for coffee isn’t it? Good thing I made muffins to go along with it.

If we were having coffee today I would ask  how you were doing? Are you okay? Are you happy with how your life is right now?

Then we’d hug and laugh about the crazy weather again, and talk about some fun diy projects we’ve been dying to try and vow to have a craft date soon. Because that would be the most fun night ever. :)

I love all of you ladies that read this blog! And I just want to encourage you not to run yourself dry for things that aren’t worth it! Are you to help people, absolutely! Are you to be used by people? Absolutely not! Love YOU first so that you can love others even more.

Happy Friday! Stay safe and warm in the cold.

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  1. I wish we really had this coffee date today! Unfortunately my work didn’t close today! :( I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately…I have several hobbies that take a lot of time…blogging, refinishing, etc and then I have a lot to accomplish around our house, and going to dr and lawyer appts with my hubby! *sigh* I really need to carve out time for just me!

  2. I LOVE your coffee cup! ;)
    Your blog is great…I’ve always just chalked it as you are the first born.
    I love you more than coffee!

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