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Coffee Date | November 2022

If we were having a coffee date together today, I’d start by giving you the biggest hug, because I’m a hugger. Whether we’re good friends or new friends, you’re getting a hug. I recently had a friend visit from out of town who told me she wasn’t a hugger but that it was okay I could still hug her. This made me laugh so hard and appreciate her even more.

It’s November 3rd, the first day of the holiday season at Starbucks, which means that’s where we’d go for our coffee date. I’ve got a tall Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte and it makes me want to decorate sugar cookies! I wanted to get a grande, but I already had a coffee this morning and I’m trying not to overload baby girl with too much caffeine.

I got to do a coffee date with Haylee last week! She’s one of the friends I’m doing a project with, more on that below.

Baby Girl…

Speaking of which, she is so active today! The last couple of days I have started to feel her more and more and it’s really magical. I am soaking up every minute of feeling this way because I have a feeling that as she continues to grow I will appreciate those movements less when she’s bruising my ribs. I felt her while I was sipping my morning coffee, and several times while I was at the orthodontist this morning!

I am 20 weeks, 5 days today, which means I am officially 5 months pregnant and half way there. I am starting to get a little bit more of a bump but can still hide that I’m pregnant very easily. I’m grateful for this because once she grows more I know it’s going to make life more challenging in the 3rd trimester. I’ve been so lucky to not deal with any pregnancy symptoms other than being tired, if this continues I don’t know what type of magical vibes I have surrounding us but I am so grateful!

20 weeks! Is it a baby or mac and cheese?


I mentioned orthodontist, well, today I got my Invisalign off! I can’t believe I’ve finished this journey! I am so happy with the results and, for me, the investment was 100% worth it. I was looking back through photos on my phone trying to find a candid shot of me with my teeth before I started Invisalign and I had to scroll and scroll to find a picture of me smiling with my teeth! I knew at some point I started to smile without my teeth as much because I was hating how crooked my teeth had gotten (I had braces as a kid), but I didn’t realize how much it had affected me until I looked back through pictures today.

I got a permanent retainer placed on the bottom and my retainers to wear at night will be here in a week. Once I get those I can say goodbye to this last set I’ve got on my teeth! But the brackets holding them in place are gone, and my teeth are so smooth and lovely. I can’t wait to get them professionally whitened! Unfortunately I can’t do that until after baby girl is here, so it looks like I’ve got some crest whitening strips in my future.

Work Lately…

Work is starting to slow down a bit. I got a lot of big projects off my plate the last couple of months so I have time to work on batching content for the future. I feel like I can take a deep breath with things and allow my creativity to have some space to come back. The last couple of months have been very busy, but I am glad I got everything done that I did.

I’m also working on a couple of fun projects with two different friends—both of which will be launching within the next couple of months! One is a shirt shop where I am getting to design all of the products! I have been needing a creative outlet like this for a while. Both her and I will be so excited if the shop takes off, and we’re able to make a nice little sum of side-money from it; I personally am excited for a project to work on with her, and a way to get some of my creativity into the world.

The second project is a lifestyle brand that I’m launching with another friend. This is going to be a lifestyle blog where we’ll have contributors, and also a podcast!

Yes, I know! Two projects launching in 2023 before baby girl gets here. But, you know me and how much I thrive on working ahead. Both of these projects have been in the works for a few months, so there is a lot getting done ahead of time, I’ll still be able to take a full maternity break from all work projects.

That’s enough about me for today… how are you friend? I know blog comments are typically a thing of the past but I treasure every single interaction with you.

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