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Confesssion Time

 So, I have a confession for you guys.

 I am obsessed with all things vintage, lace, pastels, etc. And one “vintage” trend I love, that makes me giggle, and want to buy:

 Items with mustaches on them! <33

 Seriously. Am I the only one?

 Now I don’t actually own anything with a Mustache on it, but I want to. Just a couple things… Like a mug, maybe a cute Iphone case, and a rubber stamp!

 So, I’m not too obsessed, but I just really like them, and something about it makes me laugh.

 BUT! If I see a person with a Mustache, I usually HATE it. Unless your like from Italy, have an accent, and are gonna make me some homemade lasagna, you shouldn’t have a Mustache.

 No, I don’t hate all facial hair, but I prefer like a goatee or something… not solely a Mustache. Unless ** ^refer to above. ;)

  Alright, now that I’ve shared that craziness with you, I’m going to introduce you to two lovely ladies that are sponsor swapping with me. :))

 I do have spots open for may still if you are interested in Sponsor Swapping with me, please let me know! breepair (at) gmail (dot) com.

 First is Mindy, from Marigold Road!

 Hi, friends, my name is Mindy Harris and I blog at MarigoldRoad.com, a site I’ve been growing for the last four years. My intentions are to inspire women and mothers to see life’s bigger picture, to unveil their full potential, and to embrace their sense of self-worth. I provide candid posts about parenting, relationships, spirituality, and introspection. For the visually intrigued, I also incorporate lively, colorful photographs of every day life and things that inspire me, including crafts and dessert. Though my Etsy shop is on short hiatus (I just opened a brick/mortar) check back for new products, including wool-blend felt headbands, brooches, and earrings, mixed media art, and vintage housewares.


 Now, I would like to introduce Jenn, she blogs over at Simplistic Living.

 My name is Jenn, and I am a small town girl who recently moved to the big city. I have a love off DIY, baking, coffee, books, new adventures, and all of the little things in life. I am marrying my best friend in September, and could not be more excited! This blog is my little corner to share all of the lovely things in my life and is my creative outlet. 

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