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Cozy Winter Outfits to Wear in or Out

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So it is no secret that Aerie is my #1 favorite store. I have been shopping there for 10 years now and it is the only place I will buy undies. Unless I’m looking for something ultra sexy (and tbh, very uncomfortable) sure, I’ll so somewhere else. But for my day-to-day wear, comfy, cute, still sexy (but not Victoria’s Secret, let’s be real), it is the only place I will shop. Now I have tried many places for undies. Department stores, Victoria’s Secret, Target… none compare to the quality and comfort that is Aerie.

FULL DISCLOSURE – this is not sponsored. Although I would loveee to be an ambassador for them, that’s not in the cards right now. This is just me, asking on Instagram if you guys want to see some of my favorite things from Aerie, saying yes, and me putting together a post that is giving me all the cozy feels.

Now, if you are anything like a few of my friends (you know who you are) and it is time to make an update to your undie drawer, then now is the time. Undies are 7 for $29 and I promise you it’s the best $29 you’ll ever spend. There is something to be said about being comfortable because I am all about comfort, and still feeling put together and cute at the same time. That’s why I am a 10 year, repeat customer and will not go anywhere else. If they ever shut down *God forbid* I just don’t even know what I would do. Probably buy every single pair in my size and hope it lasts until I die.

I haven’t even told you guys about the softness and coziness of their clothing! If you’ve never tried them, but have felt the softness that is Lou and Grey, or anything that’s ultra soft, ultra cozy, and not too thick that it will make you sweat? (head out of the gutter ladies)… then you have to order at least one top and one bottom when you order your undies.

Okay, so we’ve ticked all the boxes right?

Comfort? check

Cute? check check!

Affordable? check!! 

Wear in or wear out? yes and yes

Sizing info: I wear a size 10-12, and am currently a 36D.

Their sweatshirts and sweaters are typically oversized as you can see in the pictures, so I buy a medium unless I want it ultra big and plan on wearing it only at the house.

In leggings, I wear a size large.

Undies, I wear a large. I prefer the boybrief style, will sometimes do bikini, and if you do the thongs my favorite ones are the ones that say “real me” – the most comfortable material for a thong, ever.

Bras, a large or a 36D.

I honestly had a lot of fun sharing this with you guys! This is a post I wouldn’t normally do, but it’s a lot of fun to branch out and share with you my cozy favorites. I hope you liked it, leave me a comment below and let me know!

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