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Crazy in Love

  *whew* was anyone else’s weekend hectic!? I am so sorry I missed you all on Friday. I was so sad I couldn’t make it to the computer to blog that day.

But I’m back!!! :)) My weekend was full of:

  • My mom’s birthday! <33
    • Brunch
    • Shopping
    • Dinner
    • Sunday Party
  • Girls sleepover at my house! Brannon was out of town for a run. He had a lot of fun and did it with his dad! Great fathers day bonding. :))
  • Lunch with the in-laws for Fathers Day
  • Movie Date, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” cute movie… but had Brannon and I arguing over adoption or having our own kids, if we ever decide we want to have one. *shrug* We’ll figure it out if we ever want to have a baby. lol
  • Fathers Day Service
  • Fathers Day BBQ/family hang out/Mom opening birthday presents

A long, but fun weekend!

And now I get to show you some of my favorite pictures from Brannon and I’s photo shoot with Meg! If you’re in the Houston area and interested in booking her (which I highly recommend) her packages start at just $50, and include a DVD of all images. She is so much fun to work with! We had a blast!!



















Whatcha think? :)) It was super hot when we went.. I think next time, we’re going to do a fall/winter shoot so my hair cooperates a bit more. :))

Happy Tuesday!

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    1. OHHHH mmmm geeeee y’all are so stinking cute I love love the one with th balloons!

      I am shooting with meg in two weeks and am very excited!!


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