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watching: American Idol… I know, the judges are crappp this year (minus Keith Urban of course) but I got sucked in at the beginning and now I can’t stop!! I love all the contestants except for the Blonde country gal. Seriously, how has she made it through? Did you see her performance last week? ugh. Alsooooo… watching New Girl! And I just l-o-v-e Nick and Jess and their crazy relationship. But seriously they need to just get together, like yesterday.

listening to: Matt Wertz Pandora radio station. Its what I listen to every day while I work. Its relaxing yet not boring. Keeps me motivated. Other music distracts me and will make me wanna sing or dance. This music is just perfect.

designing: Trying to get all my ducks in a row for Pixel and Pair. Getting your own business set up is a crap load of work guys. And being a designer makes it all the harder because everything has to look perfecttttt. At least, to me. Because I have to be better than the competition, and have to have my stuff designed to a T so that clients will think I know what I’m doing. ;) lol j/k. But seriously.

excited for: GRADUATION!!! I have been nervous about it, but only because I have so much freakin’ work to get done by then. But my friends and I are gonna buckle down and have a few work days and I know that’s gonna help a ton. May 10th guys! Save the date! :D

wishing: That I was Mary Poppins and could snap my fingers and my kitchen (and rest of the house….) would magically be clean! Remember all the work load I talked about before? Yeah… my poor house.

swapping: with you! I have decided to open up my ad swap option for April. To qualify.. you have to swap equal ad space with me. I have 3 different ad sizes and the space you give me must be comparable to one of them.  I will accept up to 10 for the month of April. To be considered send me an email … bree (at) thethingaboutjoy (dot) com and tell me the name of your blog, and what size ad you’d like to swap with me.

What is going on in your life currently?

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yay, graduation! I’m looking forward to mine too.

    Man, maybe I need to make a blog button or ad or whatever… would be nice to be able to swap. I’m just not graphically inclined lol!

  2. AI is my guilty pleasure no matter how stupid those judges are!! They’re so annoying, especially Nikki!! She can be so rude sometimes and very wierd with her different wannabe accents! WOMP!! I love me some Kree though!

    Have a great weekend girlie! xo, Bev

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