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Watching: White Collar. Hubs and I have been obsessed with this lately, watching it on Netflix. We are on season 4, and gonna be pretty sad when it ends!

Wearing: Its been warm here lately, got up to 80 degrees the other day! So my go to outfit has been a soft cotton skirt, tshirt with maybe a cute blouse over it, and some flats. Super casual… And reminds me, that I need to start getting tan again, jeans and leggings mean wow white! Time to pull out the tanning lotion!

Eating: Lately, I’ve gotten us to start eating brussel sprouts with dinner! We don’t have them all the time, but we did have them last night. I never ever thought that I would say that I actually like brussel sprouts! Who knew? And these ones look simply amazing!

Reading: Mollie Makes magazine, and I am going to download The Renaissance Soul to start reading this weekend. I’m pretty excited about starting this book!

molliemakes         therenaissancesoul

Blog Planning: A lot of DIY & recipe projects have been popping into my head as of late. So you’ll be able to see at least one a week for the next little while, I hope that’s ok with you! Also, I’ve been working on a facelift for the blog. Its taking me a long time, I thought I would have it up last Monday, but I’m still not 100% sure on the direction, so it will probably be another week or two! PS- Designing for yourself is really really hard!

Shopping: At places like Ace & Ivy and Jane! Look at this cute stuff you can get for such great deals!


What are you up to currently?

Happy Friday!

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