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Custom Watercolor Illustrations

We’ll y’all know me by now. Its even in my blog header now- a girl with too many hobbies! Can’t stop. Won’t stop. (no, like, I legit couldn’t stop if I wanted to, It would be torture).

I just like learning new things, and being crafty. And I’ve recently fallen in l-o-v-e with watercolors. These illustrations are so much fun for me to do, I love creating something special that families will love and captures a moment in time for them. I started doing this just by messing around and did one for a friend that was moving. I posted it on my Instagram, and then I started getting requests for them. So I decided to put them in the shop.

watercolor illustration

custom watercolor
custom portrait illustration
custom portrait

I’d love to create one for you! Capturing a special moment for your family, that is what I love being able to do. I’m working on a wedding illustration right now, as well as a maternity one. Make sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram for regular updates!

If you want a custom watercolor illustration, leave a comment, email me (breepair@gmail.com) or visit my shop.

What type of hobbies do you have?

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