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DIY- Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hey guys! I have a surprise tutorial today from one of my lovely sponsors- Katlyn. :)) I hope you enjoy!! 

Hey everyone! This is Katlyn, the writer over at The Dreamy Meadow here to take over Bree’s blog for the day! I was so honored that she asked me to write a guest post for her so I had to think of something fun.. I have decided on my hand stamping adventure! I am also hoping to put some of these bad boys in my shop, Pure Trinkets
So please forgive me since I am not a master at this craft. To be honest I am quite the newbie who learning to work with the tools with two left hands! I do however have lots of fun in the process and get tons of anger out after a long day of toddler screaming!
Here is what you’re going to need if you want to make a hand stamped masterpiece….
 + Blanks (I am using blank jewelry washers)
+ Steel Bench Block
+ Hammer
+ Stamping Kit (I use all lower case)
+ Sharpie Marker
+ Alcohol
+ Cotton Pads
+ Polishing Pad
Please note that this is not the type of project you want to start if you aren’t financially ready. You cannot start hand stamping for less than $40. 
 Anyways… It’s pretty simple to do (for the most part). 
First you are going to want to measure where you want each letter to fall on the blank. It takes a bit of practice to, as you may have the letter turned a little cock-eyed or a little lower. But hey it ads character, right? Right! You then want to stabilize the letter stamp on the blank and hit it rather hard, maybe several times to get a nice deep stamp.
 Apply the sharpie to the letters being sure to get it in all the little edges. Once you have colored over and in the letters, take a little bit of alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe away the excess sharpie.
Polish. Add some beads or trinkets. Attach to a chain (sorry I did not picture this). And enjoy your new beautiful creation! I know I love each and every one of mine!
Thank you so much for joining me today! Hope you stop by the bloggy blog to read more! 

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