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DIY Gumball Necklace

diy necklace
I had seen a super cute gumball necklace a few months ago, and decided to make my own! Its a really simple diy necklace, and you can use any colors you want. For this one I chose to go super bright like gumballs, but I’m also planning on making a gold and white one, as well as mint and coral! Here are some of the color combinations I’m ready to tackle:

do it yourself necklace
Endless possibilities!


  • Unfinished wooden beads (for this tutorial I used the ones that are 1/2″ but I also purchased 3/4″ to make later)
  • Necklace Chain
  • Small Pliers
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Clear Gloss Spray Paint (or gloss modge podge would work too!)
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Paint Brush

**I purchased all my supplies from Hobby Lobby, and I’m sure you could find them at Michaels or any craft supply store!

DIY necklace tutorial


  1. Gather your supplies and get some scrap paper to put over your work station
  2. Pick the number of wooden beads you want to do. I chose 5, but you could pick any combination you want. And put them on your skewer.
  3. Get two glasses, or anything that’s the same size with a flat bottom and top, and put the skewer with the beads on top. I secured mine with tape to make sure it didn’t fall off while I was painting.
  4. Paint your beads! The first coat was a little tricky because the beads were really slick, but I found dabbing at it to be the best trick. I did 3 coats of color.
  5. Once your paint is dry, give it a coat of clear gloss to make it shiny.
  6. Let it dry, and then add to your necklace! You’ll need to use the pliers to remove one of the jump rings so you can slide on your beads and then put it back together. Super simple!


What color combination would you pick?


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