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DIY Valentines Wreath


I love having festive wreaths on my front door all year round! This year I’m going to try to do one for every special holiday, so we’ll see if I make it!

Its almost lovey dovey Valentines Day! Do you love or hate Valentines Day? I’m totally fine with it. I don’t LOVE it, because in all honesty, I’d rather get something romantic from hubs on a random day when I’m NOT expecting it, ya know what I mean?

But even before there was hubs my mom always made Valentines day special for us. We would always have a special meal that she made and the table would be decorated in tons of pink and red. And on each of our plates would be a Valentines gift from her. It was so much fun, we loved it, and all of us still remember it. Thanks mom, you’re the best!

So here’s what you will need for this DIY Valentines Wreath:

  • A straw or foam wreath
  • Felt- pink, red, you’re pick! (1/4 yard + depending on the size of your wreath)
  • A coordinating color of felt, just a small bit. A square from the craft store will work. They’re less than $1.
  • Small scraps of fabric for your bunting, I used canvas that I had laying around the house.
  • Needle and thread (I used pink!)
  • A marker for your bunting.
  • Either pins or super glue for putting your felt on your wreath.


1. Make sure you get all your materials together! Then cut long strips from your felt and make them all wavy!



2. Start putting your felt onto your wreath. I used pins for mine because I’m planning on re-using this wreath for other holidays. Also- I did leave the plastic wrap on my wreath, that way it was easier to make it stay and I didn’t have to worry about hiding stray straw!

ps- don’t worry about the back of your wreath being perfect! No one is going to see it. :)



3. Cover your wreath completely in felt. Then at the top add your coordinating color (make the edges wavy) and secure it at the top. This is where you’ll hang your wreath.

4. Make your bunting! Cut 4 triangles out of your material and use your marker to write the word “L-O-V-E” on it!

5. Take your string, thread it, and whip stitch it through your bunting, leaving string on both sides of the bunting for you to hang it to your wreath. I left about 5 inches on both ends just to give me enough wiggle room.



6. Pin and tie your bunting in place on your wreath. I did one side higher than the other for a little extra character. Cut off excess string so you can’t see it.

7. Cut small felt hearts out of your coordinating color felt and pin them over top of where you tied off your string.



Now hang up your DIY Valentines Wreath and enjoy! You’ve added a little extra color to the front of your home.

If you have any questions just let me know, I’d love to help!

Happy Wednesday!

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