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Dorm Room Decoration

Call me weird, but I kind of get excited at the thought of decorating a brand new space! I only stayed in a dorm for one year of college, but in my head I swear I’ve decorated at least 20. (my Pinterest is proof of that)

So for all of you that are headed back to college in just a few short weeks *gasp!* I’ve got a few tips for decorating your dorm room!


dorm room decorations

Brewster Wall Pops WPE99065 Peel & Stick Calypso Dry-Erase Dots with Marker, 3-Count

Tip Number One

Use cute decorations that also double as something else! Like these fun bright dots. We’ve all seen the vinyl dots that people are decorating their walls with. They’re great because they come off easy and wont mess up the walls (getting your deposit back!). But these dots are even better because they’re dry erase! So you can write things that you need to remember to do, an inspirational quote, or anything else! Plus, they’re under $10 on Amazon!

Next is this super cute Cork Board DIY! Click to read

cork board diy

Tip Number Two

Inspire yourself! Make this easy DIY Cork Board with chevron stripes, or diagonals! I show you how to do it HERE. Its super easy, all you need is duck tape, corkboard tiles, and some paint! Put things up there that will inspire you, motivate you, and your homework, or important things to remember to do! Here are some corkboard tiles for just $10. And I’ll be you have some paint and duck tape lying around the house somewhere right? Go for it!


dorm decorating tips

Tip Number Three

Buy room essentials that double as something else. Like this lamp. I have 2 of these in my house. I use one in my office, and one in our living room. They’re great for holding picture frames and cute decorations. You could also use them to hold your class books, or even hair supplies and makeup! This is a little more pricy than a regular lamp (its about $60 at Target) but I’ve had mine for almost 4 years and they’re still in perfect condition!



Tip Number Four

Use cute decorative items for storage! Mason jars are all over and they’re adorable! You could spray paint them, or paint the inside of them any color you want. These are great for holding hair accessories, pens and pencils, art supplies, anything really. So I’d buy a box of them like these ones. And use them to pack up all your stuff before you head off to your dorm. It’s a great way to stay organized and have cute décor at the same time!


Do you have any dorm décor tips?

-Happy Wednesday-

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  1. I never lived in a dorm in college – was always in either an on or off campus apartment! Also, welcome to WordPress!! Looks awesome! Hope you enjoy it over here on the dark side (because it’s awesome)!

    1. Well, I have spent 8 hours on it today, so I don’t love it today, but hopefully tomorrow! :D

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