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Estes Park, Colorado


If you ever ask me where you should go in Colorado, I will ALWAYS say go to Estes Park. It’s a cute little artsy/touristy town in the mountains. A beautiful drive, only 35 minutes from the foothills in Loveland, CO. You can just go for the day, or stay up there for a weekend in a cabin. We’ve done that too, and had a lot of fun. You can go explore the town, go up to the Rocky Mountain National Forest, grab caramel crisp and fresh salt water taffy, and challenge your friends and family to a game of mini-golf (with the most gorgeous views!)















One of my cousins was off work for the day and able to get up to Estes with us!



This is the Stanley Hotel. It was built by the one and only Mr. Stanley Steamer himself! He catered to the rich and famous at this hotel. And – another historical fact- Stephen King stayed at this hotel, and it inspired him to write The Shining. *spooky!* And parts of the television mini series of The Shining were filmed there. Neat huh?

Its such a gorgeous hotel though- seriously. Many people have weddings there- it’s a perfect location for that, gorgeous view of the mountains, beautiful staircases and ballrooms. Plus since it’s a hotel people can stay in the same place as the location of the wedding! If hubs and I lived in Colorado when we were engaged- we probably would’ve gotten married there. #justsayin



And then- coming down from the mountains that evening, the Elk were out! I was sooo excited. We hadn’t seen any Elk up in the mountains and I was bummed because I really wanted hubs to see some! There were sooo many out when we came down the mountains. Even a bunch of baby elk playing together!

Another great day in Colorado!

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  1. Looks beautiful! We just went on a road trip around Colorado and I think we missed this town. We will have to try to include it next time!

  2. We go to Estes Park every couple of years. My sister lives in Colorado, so my parents will rent a cabin at YMCA of the Rockies and we’ll all meet there as a family. It’s definitely the perfect launching pad for exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. If you go back, check out Kind Coffee (best coffee shop in the area) and Estes Park Brewery. Such a fun and low-key town.

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