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All of these pictures makes me swoon.

  1. I don’t know where this is, but it’s a beautiful picture. I’d love to see it in person.
  2. I am seriously jealous of the person that got to do this. ha-ha :)
  3. I love these colors… a lot. All of them. So inspiring. Especially that slate grey… you may see it around here soon. #downfallofbeingadesigner
  4. This tea tin is beautiful.
  5. Such pretty invitations.
  6. This is a pretty illustration.
  7. DREAM HOME. Seriously. It is.
  8. I love this vintage picture. <3
  9. Loveee the colors in this outfit! I don’t know if I can pull it off, but I’d try!
  10. This inspiration board is beautiful. Makes me want to add more and more to mine. Its looking pretty bare right now.

Linking up for Oh How Pinteresting, Wednesday with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. :)


Things I’m working on this week….

– 2 blog designs for two amazing girls! I can’t wait to show them with you all.

– I’m making an art journal & taking an art journal class. So… two different ones. But the first one I am working on making art journals from scratch. The one I am making now uses watercolor pages. If you were to buy an art journal what type of paper would you want it to have? Watercolor, mixed media, sketch, etc. . .

-Weight training class. I think my body needs to get adjusted quickly, cuz I’m wore outttt!

-Friday night- OLYMPICS!!! Omgosh. Sooo excited for the opening ceremony. Cant. Wait!!! Anyone else super excited?


And lastly- my first big group giveaway!! If you haven’t entered to win you must! Its something I wish I could win! :)

Click here to go to the giveaway!

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