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Fall Wreath Tutorial

diy fall wreath
Fall is almost here y’all! Adios summer, hello pumpkins, leggings, and booties! My favorite season of all, not too hot (unless you’re in Houston…) not too cold. Nice cozy outfits, curl up in a blanket with a good book and a cup of hot tea…. bring it on!

My front door was looking too springy with my bright yellow floral wreath, so I picked up a couple supplies from good ol’ Hobby Lobby and made this Fall Wreath Tutorial for y’all!

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  • Vine Wreath
  • Ribbon (I used orange burlap <3)
  • Fake Leaves
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

fall wreath diy

And now, I will show you how I made my multi loop bow. Don’t be intimidated. Just keep playing with it until you get it how you like it. I used wire edged burlap, and that makes it super easy to shape it how you want!

diy fall wreath


  1. Make one loop, and leave a bit hanging down on one side, so you have enough to twirl on the left side of the bow
  2. Keep looping your material until you have 3 loops on each side (or more if you want more.)
  3. Cut your material so you have enough to twirl on the right side of the bow (just like on the left) and then cut an 8″ strip and wrap it around the center of your loops, tie it in the back, so you have your center of the bow.

wreath diy

Now just adjust it however you want. That’s the great thing about wire edges is you can easily shape your bow. Set it in the spot you want on your wreath and play with it before you hot glue it down. I chose to put mine to the left side of my wreath, but you could put it in the center if you like!

Then get your leaves and play with where you want them, and then hot glue them down to your wreath!

Next you’ll want to cut a strip of material and wrap it around the top center of your wreath for you to hang on your door!

fall wreath

Ta-Da! I love the way the orange pops on the black door. I’d love to see your wreath if you make one! So tag me on Instagram or Twitter! @breepair

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