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Felt Ball Garland

So I have been wanting a felt garland for our home for a long time now. Unfortunately- I can never find the perfect color combination that I want, plus every one that I find costs over $30 or more whenever you add in shipping.

I am placing an order this week and going to be making my own, and I wanted to make them for you as well! It will be an 8ft long garland, with 50-60 felt balls in any color combination that you choose from the felt below.

Cost to you? Only $25. FREE SHIPPING.

Any colors you want, you can choose all 23 colors if you want! The options are limitless!!



Here are some combinations that I think would be fabulous for the Holiday’s & for home décor:









If you want one of those 5 combinations you don’t need to list every color you want, just tell me the combo name.

I will be taking CUSTOM color combination orders until Monday, November 11th.  This is the first time I’m doing this, so we’ll see how it goes and if I want to continue doing it or not. :) 

So if you’re interested email me or leave a comment. breepair@gmail.com subject “Felt Garland Order”

All items will be delivered to you the week of December 9th. So just in time for Christmas decorating, gifts, etc. These would make fabulous presents! (ie- friends and family reading this, don’t be surprised to unwrap one of these from me) :)


  • $25 – with FREE Shipping
  • Order 3 or more: $20 with FREE Shipping.

How to Order:

  • Email: breepair@gmail.com
  • Subject: Felt Garland Order
  • Give me  your color combinations you want
  • Give me your paypal email address to be charged on Tuesday, November 12th.

Happy Tuesday!

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