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First Day of Spring

Spring is here! … And hey- so am I! I know its been a long time, there has been a lot going on with me, and I’m trying to sort through things and find out the most constructive way to word things and share them with you.

Just a brief overview of a couple things that are changing with me…

  • Career – things are evolving and moving all over the place with this, and I am really busy with 3 different things I am trying to do at the moment. This has taken up 80% of my time and my thoughts right now. I haven’t been blogging, been doing anything fun and creative for ME, my house is barely standing. ;) J/k. Its standing. Just not clean always lol.
  • Family – This is the other 20% of my time right now. My family is moving in May and its been hard to deal with lately. So trying to be present, and focus on them as much as I can right now. And of course, making time for hubs.

When those two things aren’t consuming me, I’m trying to keep my house clean, spend quality time with hubs, do something healthy for myself every day, and um. SLEEP. :)

But it is SPRING! And that means it’s a new season. Its been a good day. I’m trying to be present, and to accept this new season and all that it is going to bring. Winter is gone, the old is gone, time to accept the new and to be present and focused and HAPPY! :)

And these pictures I took, quite a while ago… (like- last spring!) make me happy that it is spring time!







I hope you’re all doing great- I can’t wait to reconnect with you. Please leave comments and tell me how you are!! Anything I’ve missed out on with you, leave me a link if you’ve got a blog!

Happy Thursday!

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