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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week, and are ready for the weekend!! I know I am so ready for this weekend, and there is one main reason for that.

I am going to stay FOCUSED this weekend!

What I mean by that is… I eat so healthy, and workout all week long, but then when the weekend comes (and the hubs is home) it becomes 100x  harder to keep it up!

 But this weekend WILL NOT WIN. I have talked to hubs and asked him to help me out, and I explained to him how hard it is to keep eating healthy when he will eat anything on the weekends. I know, I need to have more will power, but it makes it hard for me because he stays the same weight no matter what he does on the weekend. *frustration!* Any other wives feel me on this one?

This weekend I WILL WIN! :)) No matter what!

And one person that helps me stay focused is my friend Leigh Anne. She has become a really good friend for me in this bloggy world. I appreciate her hard work, and how she is always so kind and upbeat even when things are really tough for her.

 Today- she is our guest! And I hope you enjoy this next part of “Fitspiration Friday!”

 What motivates you to eat healthy and work out?
For the longest time I never needed external motivation to workout and be the healthy person I am. I was a serious dancer for 16 years, but after my husband and I got married, moved from Ohio to Alaska and prepared for his first deployment to Afghanistan, life got stressful! I wasn’t dancing, working out or doing any physical activity. Until one day I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment and realized that the repercussions of my actions would take a toll on my body in the long run, even if they weren’t at the moment. So as soon as my husband deployed, I made it my new years resolution be the best I could be and live a healthy lifestyle! Now eating healthy and working out is just a way of life. 

How do you make yourself workout even if you are worn out and just “not in the mood?”
When I first started getting into health and fitness, it was so easy to make excuses for working out. Honestly I believe that once you create a habit out of working out, it is easier to just do it, than it is to find an excuse. Working out is a part of my daily routine, just like taking a shower or brushing my teeth. I wouldn’t go a day without a shower, nor would I go a day without some sort of exercise. 

What advice would you give to someone that wants to change their lifestyle into one that is healthy and fit?
Stop putting it off. You can talk about changing your lifestyle as much as you want, but it’s those of us who say “I’ll start tomorrow, or I’ll start Monday” that never get around to fully committing themselves to a new attitude. If you want to change an aspect of your life, dedicate yourself to it and do it now. Another piece of advise, is you have to want to change your lifestyle for yourself and no one else. Don’t do it for your spouse, for your friends or for your family– do it because you want to look and feel your best! 

 What is your “go to” healthy snack?
My go-to healthy snack is Greek Yogurt! I love fruit flavored Chobani and Oikos!

What is your top 5 “must have” work out gear?

1. Camelbak 25oz water bottle. 

2. iPhone sports armband 

Thanks Leigh-Anne for guest posting in this series! I hope you guys enjoyed it. You can read more about her fitness journey HERE.
 How are you guys liking the series!? Is this helping you in your fitness journey? I sure hope so, and I can’t wait to hear back from you guys. 
 Have a wonderful weekend!! Remember- anything is possible!

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  1. So I think I need a little support in this subject! I make so many excuses for myself and truly just don’t know where to start between what to do when I’m working out or what I’m going to do with my son when I go and work out. Hearing this really motivates me though!

    Thank you for this post. I will be following along on the series! :) xo

    PS – I totally feel you on the spouse ordeal! :P

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