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We’ve all heard it before… You are your worst critic. No one ever judges you more than you judge and critique yourself. Sometimes Oftentimes we need to take a break from this and give ourselves a pat on the back. No. Please don’t be one of those people that is always doing it and walking around with a big head. (who often are overcompensating for something) But seriously, you are talented, unique, special, and made by a creator who knew what He was doing!
As a designer I am critiquing myself all the time. The work I do is seen by my peers, professors, and sometimes the public eye (hello blog design!). And when I show something to anyone I am constantly critiquing and doubting my work before they even say anything about it! Which.. can be good, and push myself to do better! But… sometimes, it can just wear a person down.
You know what I mean right? What do you spend your time doing? And in doing that do you doubt how you’re doing it, do you constantly tell yourself you could be doing something better? Of course we do! Its our human nature to push ourselves further and be better!
That’s why, when I saw this picture it inspired me to write this to you! So wherever you are today, remember… Be Kind to Yourself! You’re meant to be unique. There is only one you in the whole world! Even when we feel like we start to blend in, take a moment, breathe, and look at your fingerprints.
I’m serious. Look at your fingerprints. . .
Did you do it?
Did you remember, those fingerprints will never be found on another person in this entire world?
So no matter if we find our “doppleganger” (yes- I am quoting how I met your mother…) remember no how much a person resembles you, or how your personalities, qualities, or traits may be similar.. There is only one you in the whole world!
 So pat yourself on the back. Maybe take a moment and write down a few things that you are proud of yourself for accomplishing!

A Letter to Me:
“Hey Bree- way to go on getting that internship! You know she hired you because you have amazing qualities and talent right? She even told you that she saw something in your work and wanted to see you go further! Believe in yourself, push yourself, but don’t be to hard on yourself when others pop out amazing work in an hour flat. Your work has passion, effort, and that is going to shine through. Let critiques motivate you and drive you. Its going to be worth it.
Don’t worry about not being a perfect skinny size. I know… you want to fit into those clothes you did a year ago. You’ll get there. But do it because you want to be strong and healthy. Not just to get into that size. You work hard, all the time, don’t beat yourself up when you have setbacks, because you’ve never given up!
Most importantly. Keep dreaming. Those dreams have pushed you to do what you’re doing today. Remember that. You are accomplishing those dreams. Keep them coming. Don’t waste them.”

Cheesy? Maybe. But I’m getting back to why I started this blog. To inspire myself and hopefully a few others along the way.
I am finallyyyyy starting my internship today! Paperwork is all done, and we’ve been officially cleared to work! I am so excited to see the opportunities that await me. Gah! …. okay, I am super nervous too! First day nerves? Check! Had a panic attack and went through every nook and cranny to find my digital camera to bring to work because we were told to on the first day? CHECK! … I found it. Finally. *whew* :))

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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  1. So darling! Love your letter and your words of encouragement! Congrats on your achievements, especially lately girlie! I know you’re gonna have an amazing first official day at your internship b/c YOU’RE amazing!! Be kind to yourself and make a ton of friends and learn tons!!

    Happy Friday love! xxo, Bev

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