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Today I wanted to do something a little different, and do a link-up to show you guys things that I’ve been up to this week!




1. I have been making myself draw more this week. Since I’ve been in school this week its made it easier, because I like to doodle while I am in class. Here are two drawings I did earlier in the week, sorry, in advance, for all the watermarkage, but I’m scared of posting my original work without it! *yikes-stealing is bad*




2.  My sister came over on Wednesday after class and hung out with me. :)) I’m so glad she is driving now and can come over whenever she wants to and doesn’t need me to pick her up, or mom to drop her off. <3



3. School started this week!! Yahoo! Classes have been going good, for the first week. Already a lot of homework and projects though. But I am excited about them! Here are things I’m excited about for each of the classes:

  • Design Communications 2: My professor is really awesome! And she totally looks like Mae Whitman, only like 5 years older. Granted, I’ve only seen Mae in Parenthood, but I loveeee her  in that show! Other things in that class… I think the projects are going to be really awesome, and I have a feeling I’m going to get to learn a lot more about print work, which is good, because I reallyyyyyy need to learn more about that.

mae whitman


  • Digital Publishing 2: THIS CLASS IS GOING TO ROCK!!! For the entire semester we are going to be working on one project. A 28 page Magazine! Omgosh. So excited. PLUS we’re going to be learning a TON about how to print things properly, and we will go visit a printer and see how it works on their end! …. Boring you may think? But to me, I am soooo excited. *I made that too obvious didn’t I?*
  • Web Design 1: Well… I’ll be honest, I’m not thrilled with the teacher. She moves extremely slow, and is kinda hard to understand. But, I’m sure later in the semester I am going to be really glad that she moves slow, because I know I’m going to have a ton to memorize. Right now the class is going pretty easily for me because I know a lot more HTML than I thought I did. *Blog Design Bonus!*
  • Intro to Digital Media: For this class all of our projects are going to revolve around one thing: a movie Trilogy. All of our projects will be for the Trilogy we picked. There were about 12 choices… and I picked TOY STORY! Uh, yes please! Because we all know I am a kid at heart and hello, Toy Story Movies are amazinggg! :))

toy story


4. I found out one of my friends is having a baby!!! I am sooo excited for her. She has had a lot of health problems and it seemed completely impossible for her to be able to get pregnant. I am so excited for them, and praying for them constantly that everything will work out perfectly. Thank you God for this miracle!

(This is how I imagine my friend dressing her baby- if she has a girl.)


5.  UM, HIGH FIVE! Long weekend! Yahoo! Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!




PS- ARE YOU A WINNER?! If so, keep watching your email for your prize, this weekend!



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