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Fun Buys!

I love shopping! And recently I’ve gotten some really adorable things, so I wanted to share them with you! 

ae shoes

ae watch

old navy sports bra

swim suittarget hat


1. Totally cute floral shoes from American Eagle (online). They’re on clearance, and only $10 right now!

2. Amazing wrap around watch that I have been searching for forever! Seriously. For the past year. I saw this watch in brown leather at the store last summer and wanted to wait until it went on sale. *stupid* Because I waited way to long. So randomly I will search for this online. And if found this one! Seriously, through google, clicked on the picture and it went to the AE.com site. But when you just looked for it on the AE site on your own, you can’t find it.

So basically. God was blessing me that day with the last wrap around watch from American Eagle. I tried to look for it again today. Can’t find it. Sorry ladies. True Story.

3. I got two of these sports bras from Old Navy. AWESOME. High impact bras, great for cardio! I totally recommend them. Plus they’re on sale in the store right now. :)) 2 or more for $10 each.

4. I was able to go swimming for the first time this summer!! *happy dance* So I went to Target and got this adorable bathing suit. I got it in black though, not the color shown above. Only $35, so not too bad!

5. I also got this adorable hat at Target. I had been eyeing these hats, and then they disappeared! I found this one in the clearance area for $6. Score!


Have you had any fun buys recently? Have you gotten to go swimming yet!? I love the pool soooo much. :))

I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!

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