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Fun Filled Weekend

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did. We went and spent the weekend in San Antonio with my family! We had a lot of fun but oh my word it was SO HOT! I am trying to recuperate today. Bad food, heat, dehydrated, bloated. Gah!!  Might take me a few days to get back to feeling on top of it all again.

We drove down on Friday night. Through 2 hours of horrible thunderstorms. Ugh. I was driving for a lot of it and I had to keep reminding myself  not to grip the steering wheel too hard. lol. By the time we made it through at stopped at a gas station, to stretch and grab some drinks, my back was burning and my hands were so sore! lol.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and made it to Sea World by 10am. By 11 am, I had already thrown my hair up, and taken my top layer off. Glad I decided to wear a work out tank under my t-shirt. Otherwise I would’ve been even hotter! (ALSO- Saturday was my dads birthday!! :D My mom has more pictures… *mom* please email them to me!)


Just walked In the gate! Yup, hot already!




MAJOR photo bombage going on my that lady! haha

(Hubs- Me- Jess (sister)- Annie (cousin) – Josh (youngest brother))




Take two!







This water ride was so hilarious! I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to get soaked and walk around with wet undies for the rest of the day. *ew* Well.. I ended up going and laughed so hard I cried. We didn’t get super wet, until the very end. Where there was a giant downpour of water from a waterfall on one side of the river. It turned just in time to miss me and totally soak my sister and my uncle! Josh had jumped out of his seat onto Brannon to avoid the massive amount of water. They were panicking right as they saw it… *KASPLOOSH!!* Hahaha. So much fun. :D

We left Sea World around 4:30ish, hot and exhausted. Headed back to the hotel for showers and naps. Then that night we went to the Mexican Market and walked around while we waited over an hour for our table to be ready. By the time the food got there we just wanted to eat and get back to the hotel so we could sleep. Got back around … midnight I think?

I didn’t get pictures, but my mom did so I’ll try to get some to show you guys later. :) It was a really neat place.

Then on Sunday we slept in a little, got up, packed, checked out, and headed to the outlet mall. For more walking in the heat. Oy. So tired of being outside right now! 


Starbucks stop before heading back into the heat to shop!

(Hubs- Josh – Jess- Vilma (aunt)- Annie- Bruce (uncle))

My parents somehow managed to get out of all the pictures I have…



My outlet mall find! $25 at Gap! Isn’t it so cute!? I loveee it.


Well, that was my weekend! How was yours?


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  1. omg.. that car ride sounds horrific!! I hope your body is recovering well girlie.

    la la LOVE your new lace dress… so adorbs!! AND what makes it better is the price you got it for! shaboooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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